Follow up to ‘massacre’ in New Zealand

What’s as clear as daylight is once again we are being deceived by the corporate media. It’s safe to say nearly everyone who possesses a relatively functional brain is aware of this along with the fact an evil, hidden agenda simply has to exist. What’s undeniable too is the level of deceit we’re being subjected to. In an analogy with earthquakes, it’s off the Richter scale! Since the media is owned & controlled by Zionists whose allegiance is strictly confined to a banking dynasty hell bent on establishing a New World Order, it is beyond the boundaries of sanity for us to continue to cower in fear & not call out those responsible. Our lives depend on it so saying nothing is a recipe for disaster. As the great man Albert Einstein once said – ‘evil thrives because good people do nothing.’

The good news is their lies have become so obvious, more people than ever are speaking out. This has pushed the power-brokers into a corner. They simply have to stop the hemorrhaging but as I explained in my piece yesterday, freedom of speech is sacrosanct, a fundamental right & therefore anyone tampering with it is committing nothing less than a crime against humanity. So no surprise we’re fed a heap of unadulterated drivel. Apparently this is to tackle hate speech which ironically is something the media are specialists in creating. The harsh reality is way too many people are now prepared to be labelled anti-Semitic. This slur has long since worn thin & it’s only purpose is to stifle meaningful debate. Here’s the long & the short of it – the reason for this assault on Freedom of Speech & all the baloney regarding anti-Semitism – IT’S THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN STOP THE TRUTH COMING OUT!

Thanks to Paul A Gardiner for this –

Yesterday I posted a piece about the ‘massacre’ in New Zealand. Since the attack was against Muslims I erroneously assumed this act of madness couldn’t have been staged. Why would they do this? Since 9/11 media & politicians have pounded the totally fabricated notion the world is bedeviled by terrorism due to Muslim extremists. What earthly reason would they now have to donate worldwide sympathy on a plate to the very people they’re demonising? So I wrote a piece assuming this lunatic, in fit of Islamophobic rage, had indeed gunned down innocent worshipers. Since the media is entirely responsible for fomenting Islamophobia, I put this massacre down to them.

This is why one should never rush to judgement & significantly, be big enough to rectify an error. In fairness the first video I saw looked real but always in the back of my mind was the dilemma – the attackers are supposed to be Muslims who rip their tonsils to shreds screaming Allah-u-Akbar! They’re supposed to be the victims. So I assumed…… First, I must thank all the people who marked my card. I will tag everyone who commented…… so……now the truth.

  1. Straight away several friends stated the video was staged, fake & edited.
  2. My good friend Joan Roth commented, ‘it seemed like a video game.’ When I watched another clip I felt yes. That’s right. Certain crucial factors then became obvious.
  3. 50 people dead! Scores more injured. Where’s the blood? What we saw was not possible. There was hardly any blood. This has happened before.
  4. Moreover, victims that were shot hardly displayed the normal body reactions when one is hit by bullets.
  5. Alex Quarmby said it looked like blanks were being fired & when one considers how there were no shell casings, hardly any holes in walls or any debris – again, this is simply not possible.
  6. When I saw the 2nd clip it seemed dummies were on the floor.
  7. Apparently the shooter had no criminal record. Are you kidding me? Thanks to Matthew Moore for that heads up.
  8. Way too many red flags but perhaps the big giveaway is why are Google, U-tube & FB busting a gut trying to take down videos of the alleged massacre. There can only be one answer to this – IT WAS A RIGHT ROYAL SCREW UP!

Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this –

and this –

One thing for sure, like I tried to explain yesterday, the hierarchy would love nothing more than every human being (except themselves) to be stripped of their firearms. I also have said many times, the greatest problem they have, perhaps apart from Russia & China, is the fact Americans are armed to the teeth. I’ve also said to my American friends, ‘do not whatever you do allow them to take your guns. This would be tantamount to unconditionally surrendering to the most evil, vicious mass-murderers. Thanks to Paul A. Gardner for this link – 

The Port Arthur Massacre. A Planned Event Designed to Disarm the Australian Public
But we still have the problem of Muslims being the victim so this time around I’ll try to connect more dots. Sadly it’s somewhat of a scarier scenario. What if this massacre of Muslims is merely a precursor for a series of false flag attacks against Western targets? We know initiating false flag events is exclusively the domain of Zionist warmongers. This way the media can say this is payback for the attack on the Mosque but more importantly they can rekindle hatred & fear towards Muslims & thus open the way for politicians to pass legislation that would otherwise be deemed as Treason. Or perhaps it will give them the excuse to attack Iran because let’s face it – THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT THEY WANT! The plan to create Greater Israel may have been conceived in 1982 by Oded Yinon but it commenced with 9/11 & this goal has been pursued with zest ever since. For me, this makes more sense.

A worrying aspect of this too is a few days before the shooting, John Podesta was in New Zealand telling them they should be ‘very worried’ about the prospect of election hacking. Now what the blazes is going on here? Bit of a coincidence to say the least. Not only is this guy a proper vermin but he’s part & parcel of the Clinton crime syndicate. Worst of all, how can a guy who’s virtually been proven to be a pedophile still possess a position of considerable power & influence? Thanks to John Miranda for this heads up. Here’s a link regarding this. Whether it has any relevance I’m not sure. What I’d really like to know is what the hell he was really doing there? If anyone has any more info please fill my boots –

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair warns NZ about election hacking

Or was this all simply down to Netanyahu? The fact a lot of this doesn’t add up fits the criteria because it’s common knowledge this guy’s a raving maniac with a humongous ego to boot. He’s daft enough to do something like this especially since he’s involved in an election soon & the pressure is on. So how about this: I know it’s hardly perfect but a while ago it seemed New Zealand was going to support a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Netanyahu actually stated if they did this it would be construed as an act of war. Here’s a couple of links –

Netanyahu ‘told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war’

Is New Zealand at war with Israel now?

Thanks to Paul A Gardiner for this –

So perhaps Netanyahu & his buddies wanted to display a show of strength as if to say ‘we can do what we like’ so that New Zealand does not vote against Israel at the UN? What makes me lean towards this scenario is the far more disturbing crash recently of the Ethiopian plane. Now you all know I’m convinced the Malaysians were punished with the downing of two of their planes for declaring Israel committed war crimes so think about this: the other day I read 19 UN officials were on board that Ethiopian plane.

Crashed Ethiopian Plane Had at Least 19 UN Officials on Board

Thanks to Naveed Ahmed for this –

Since bringing down planes to punish those who cause grief to Israel is a Zionist M.O. could perhaps Netanyahu be going off the rails by flexing way too much muscle. It will certainly be interesting to see if the Israelis decide to get rid of him because he’s become a massive liability. If he loses the election it would all make more sense. I would like to add this is all conjecture. I’m just trying to put a scenario together that makes sense.

Finally a couple of interesting links from my good friend all the way from New Zealand Karen Jones –

Welcome to 2019 – You Are a Terrorist if You Believe in Anything

New Zealand’s Christchurch Tragedy – Facts, Patterns, And Pieces Tell A Problematic Story

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