ere’s all you need to know;

Conservative MP Nick Boles will propose an amendment to May’s deal next week (need to check exact timing).

That amendment will effectively be what is described as BINO (Brexit in Name Only).

May’s deal with that amendment will be passed by the house.

Only die-hard Brexit supporting MPs and out and out Remain MPs will vote against it. The rest will accept it meets the result of the referendum and does the minimum of damage to the economy. The latter group will be in the majority.

Some of the ‘52%’ will moan about it, as will some of the ‘48%’, but thems the breaks.

The Conservatives will crow that their leader’s deal has been victorious (even if it’s a heavily watered down deal with all the red-lines scrubbed out). They will then get busy electing an ERG type to replace May once everything is tidied up, hoping the public doesn’t realise the chance to change anything is long gone.

The Labour Party will crow that it is with a heavy heart they’ve accepted the deal, but it’s close enough to what they proposed to be ok. They will then enjoy watching the Conservatives in-fighting and entirely forget their own problems till it’s too late.

The DUP will accept the deal on the basis that NI is not treated differently to the rest of the U.K. and there is no impact on the GF agreement. They will continue to support the Conservatives and be paid handsomely.

The SNP will vote against the deal and crow about how this demonstrated the different thinking of the Scottish and that’s why you need to vote SNP. They do not have sufficient numbers to effect the result.

MPs will hope all this is forgotten by 2022 and that the public will vote along party lines like they always do. And they’ll be correct in imagining that that will be the outcome.

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