Outrage Over Malaga Airport Parking Plans



Outrage Over Malaga Airport Parking Plans.  Staff we be taking a two hour siesta every afternoon (except for Sundays) during which time the car park exits will be closed

New Car Park Policy Could Cause Chaos At Malaga Airport

Outrage Over Malaga Airport Parking Plans

Malaga airport on the Costa Del Sol recently revised it’s car parking system for short stay visitors, a move which has proved to be extremely popular with regular airport users.  However, car park workers have demanded that the changes go further.

Closed Daily For Two Hours

The car park and airport operator have agreed to give all staff a two hour daily siesta from 2pm ’til 4pm (except on Sundays).  These changes will be implemented on Wednesday 9th January 2019.  During this time no staff will be on duty so the car park exits will be closed.  However, the entrances will remain open, so travellers will be able to park up as they drop off and pick up passengers.

Enrique Estacionamiento is the President of the Costa Union National Transit (translated).  He says “To be absolutely clear, we are not closing the car parks during siesta time.  People will still be able to park up, and use the car parks as normal.  They just won’t be able to leave the car park until 4pm when the staff return from their well deserved siesta”.

Car Park

Ripping Off Travellers

Anne Fernandez run a Facebook group where expats can express their outrage over important political matters like Brexit and the milk to water ratio of a proper cup of tea.  Anne says that this change isn’t about working conditions for staff, it’s just another way to rip off customers.  “If you enter the car park at 2pm, you will not be able to leave until 4pm, even if you only need to be there for ten minutes.  This means that people will end up paying a lot more money to sit around twiddling their thumbs.  My members and I are outraged by this.  It’s clearly because of Brexit.  The sooner we get out the better, we can’t have unelected people telling us Brits when we can leave car parks”.

Airport Car Park Malaga


Matt Goldsmith from the Association Of  Car Park Users In Spain is originally from Birmingham.  He says “actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Ireland well actually I am a third generation migrant from a Jewish family from eastern Europe who migrated to Ireland. So i am an Israeli zionist jew born of the chosen few boys… It’s important to realise that it’s not just us being targetted here, we get it all the time, it’s anyone who uses the airport.  There really should be some kind of a collaboration of European countries which could work together to stop this sort of thing.  Some kind of a European Union perhaps.  There’s an idea, I might present it at our next AGM” or just piss off to Israel and you gentiles can sort out the mess. we know what to do with non-compliant personell shoot them. The specially trained Guardia civil are trained by the I D F so these guys will sort it out.

Police Presence

A team of Guardia Civil officers have been specially trained to guard the car park exits.  Officials insist their presence is mainly there as a deterrent, in case any over-enthusiastic motorists try to leave the car park before 4pm.  The officers will have the authority to seize vehicles and have them crushed.

Guardia Civil Tank

Express Lane

The airport are expecting long queues as people try to exit the car park at 4pm every day.  To alleviate this, they have opened an express lane which motorists will be able to use to leave the car park ahead of other customers.  Access to the express lane will cost €40 and is payable at the main car park pay stations.

Written by Enid Blyton, Costa Del Sol Update

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