outrage over police christmas party plans they have 800 kilos of snow

Outrage Over Police Party Plans

Outrage Over Police Party Plans.  The largest drugs haul of the year has prompted a strong denial from police that they are planning “a massive party”.

Outrage Over Police Party Plans

Outrage Over Police Party Plans

Spanish police have recently seized a shipment of cocaine on the Costa Del Sol weighing over 800 kilos.  A spokesman said that it was the largest drugs seizure of the year, and that several officers would receive commendations.  Since then, Costa Del Sol Update has heard from an insider that the force are planning “a massive party for Christmas“.

Seized Drugs Must Be Destroyed

The source told us that the police are required to destroy the shipment of drugs, but he added “technically putting it up your nose would destroy it, so that’s definitely an option”.  The source went on to say “So far this  year, we’ve seized huge amounts of alcohol, cigarettes, and now all this cocaine.  We’re having a massive party for Christmas.”

Winter Wonderland

Strong Denial

Pablo Escofar is the spokesperson from the Department Of Issuing Strong Denials About Police Parties.  He told Costa Del Sol update that “we strongly deny these unfounded rumours.  It’s ridiculous.  The whole world knows that the Spanish police are one of the most upright and trustworthy forces in the world”.

Celebrities Attending

Our man on the inside told us “Of course we’re denying it, but we’ve already invited loads of famous people. It’s going to be a white Christmas at Malaga police station. the x mayorof marbella is coming she’s always good for a rideand looks like a mare so no problem there snorting,the retired mr Marbella is invited with his conk he will be incharge of snorting the destruction of the cokethen there is haley from bromley”well I am from birmingham actually I like a good party” and a good snort to go with my mince pie is perrrrfect. Kate Moss is coming for sure.  Probably Johnny Depp too.  We’re hoping that bloke off the X Factor with the stupid hair will come, he looks like fun.  We can’t wait.  We’re planning a raid on a few brothels as well, then we’ve got everything we need for our party”.

Outraged Expats

British expats here on the Costa Del Sol have expressed their outrage through a Facebook page, managed by Anne Fernandez.  Anne says “This is just outrageous, we’re all outraged.  There’s no mention of sprouts on the menu.  You can’t have a Christmas party without forcing people to eat things they don’t like.  The Spanish just don’t seem to get the whole point of Christmas”.

Howard Marks lives in Benalmadena, though he comes from Birmingham.  He is a member of Spanish National Interests Fuengirola Futures.  Howard says “I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Sutton Coldfield.  I think this is a disgrace.  What kind of a message does this send out?  We should be encouraging international trade, not seizing products and throwing parties.”

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