Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Lieutenant General Steven M. Shepro (left), Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee visited France in May 2018.

The Yellow Vest Movement began in May 2018.


Europe can no longer rely on US for security, says Emmanuel Macron Macron to Netanyahu: Jerusalem embassy move led to people dying /  Israel’s Netanyahu, France’s Macron disagree over Iran deal – AP News

Cherif Chekatt, the ‘patsy’.

On 11 December 2018, at least three people were killed and another 12 injured after ‘a terrorist’, alleged to be Cherif Chekatt, opened fire at a famous Christmas market in Strasbourg, in France.

ISIS supporters, online, boasted about the attack being ‘inspired’ by them.

The gunman had been flagged as a possible extremist previously.

The market is connected to an al-Qaida-linked plot in 2000.

ISIS and al Qaida are believed to be run by the CIA and Mossad.

Above, we see the Strasbourg synagogue.

Most French Jews do not want to move to Israel.

Why the expected wave of French immigration to Israel never happened

Netanyahu appears to prefer Hungarian leader Victor Orban, a ‘neo-fascist’, rather than Macron.

Netanyahu is picking the wrong friends in Europe – POLITICO

In 1967, the CIA put the colonels into power in Greece. The CIA has been accused to carrying out regime change in Yugoslavia and the Ukraine. The CIA has been accused of carrying out acts of terrorism in such countries as Italy, Belgium and France.

Admiral Pierre Lacoste, who headed the French military secret service from 1982 to 1985, said that certain “terrorist actions” directed against de Gaulle had been the work of groups supported by the CIA.

Stay behind (Gladio) : 4 exemples de coups d’éclats du réseau …

Over the last 40 years there has been ‘a malaise in villages and neighbourhoods’“, says Macron.

France yellow vest protests: Macron promises wage rise

The problem has grown over many years.

“Social media, and in particular Facebook, is at the core of the demonstrations in France.

“According to broadcaster BFM TV, three Facebook groups – La France en colère (Angry France), Gilet Jaune and Gilet jaune – had the most interaction on Wednesday, when the fuel tax rise was scrapped.

“Users from across France post memes, images and text expressing their anger and denouncing the government.”

France protests: The voices of the ‘gilets jaunes’ – BBC News


On 10 December 2018, Macron promised a minimum wage rise and tax concessions in response to the violent protests.

France yellow vest protests: Macron promises wage rise

The minimum wage will increase by €100 per month from 2019, he said.

A planned tax increase for low-income pensioners will be cancelled.

Overtime pay will no longer be taxed.
Employers will be encouraged to pay a tax-free end of year bonus to employees, he said.

Riots leading to regime change in Ukraine.

Macron says that the minimum wage will be increased by 7% – and the cost of this increase will be met by the government rather than employers.

The total cost of all the measures is likely to be between €8bn and €10bn.

Macron acknowledged that many people were unhappy with living conditions and felt they “had not been listened to”.

Macron said that over the last 40 years there had been “a malaise” in “villages and neighbourhoods where public services have been diminishing, where living conditions had deteriorated”.

There were many “people whose status in society had not been sufficiently well recognised.

“In a cowardly way, we had got used to it and everything seemed to suggest that we had forgotten them.

“We must tackle the question of immigration,” he added

France yellow vest protests: Macron promises wage rise

Second from right, Christophe Castaner, France’s Interior Minister. On the right, the previous Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb.

France has a big problem with criminal gangs.

“French intelligence (SDECE) has competed with the CIA over the control of the world heroin trade.”

SDECE – Wikispooks / Lucien Sarti and Jacques Mesrine

General Pierre de Villiers, friend of Israel and the Pentagon.

The Yellow Vests “ask that General Pierre de Villiers becomes French President.”

Macron news: President may be replaced by Army General in right …

Spooky Steve.

Marine Le Pen, the French far-right leader, has met with former White House strategist Steve Bannon and signaled her interest in his project to help European populist parties – parties which support Israel and Trump.

France’s far-right says ready to work with former Trump aide Bannon …

Club des Cordeliers (@cordeliers) refers to “the Gladio-flavored, proto-fascist Yellow Vest movement.”

Yellow Jackets. Rioters work for CIAs Gladio.

In Paris, about 50 vehicles have been burnt.

Dozens of businesses have been vandalised and looted.

Yellow vest protests ‘economic catastrophe’ for France

Francois Asselin, head of the confederation of small and medium-sized businesses, says that the protests could cost his members €10bn.

France’s Foreign Minister has told Donald Trump not to interfere in French politics.

Jean-Yves Le Drian told LCI television: ‘I say this to Donald Trump, and the French president says it too: leave our nation be.’

France tells Trump not to interfere with country’s politics

Security services tend to be one-sided / cia-mkultra

France, December 2018. 

Macron wants France to be less reliant on the CIA, and less reliant on US technology.

Macron Push to Drop CIA Code Quickens as Trump Calls EU Foe …

France, December 2018.
There is a belief that the CIA wants to topple Macron.

The CIA has a long history of toppling leaders.
Reportedly, the CIA tried to assassinate President De Gaulle.

Priscillia Ludosky is the woman who started the protests against Macron. Her family is from Martinique, in the Caribbean.
In France, “household disposable incomes rose in 2017 and in 2018.”

In France, under Macron, “economic growth has been solid.”

Look at me

Fake images linked to France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ protests /Fake images of France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ protests.

There is a belief that the CIA, and its friends, are using fake images as part of their campaign to topple President Macron.

Certain anti-Macron forces claim that the above photo shows a victim of the Macron government.

However, this picture was taken at the protests for the independence referendum in Catalonia in 2017.
Certain anti-Macron forces claim that the above photo shows a victim of the Macron government.

However, this photo was taken in Spain on July 11, 2012.
Fake images linked to France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ protests /Fake images of France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ protests.

The CIA is alleged to have used Tunisian generals to topple Tunisia’s President Ben Ali. Left to right: Général de Division Rachid Ammar (Chief of the Army, Tunisia) shaking hands with General Raymond Henault (Chairman of the NATO Military Committee). Reportedly the CIA has many assets within the militaries of many countries.


Reportedly, when the CIA topples presidents it uses snipers to shoot at both police and demonstrators.

In Tunisia, who were the mysterious snipers on rooftops who shot civilians and helped stir up discontent?

On 16 January 2011, Tunisia TV said that four people had been arrested with German passports

“Tunisian police arrested four people carrying German passports over a shooting incident near the headquarters of an opposition party in the capital on Sunday, state television said, quoting a security source.”

Moscow, July 2018
In August 2018, President Macron called on the European Union to

1. Stop relying on the United States for defense,

2. And reach out to Russia to develop a “strategic partnership.”

France Calls On EU To Not Rely On U.S. Defense, Reach Out To Russia

On August 27, Macron criticized Trump for being an “unreliable” partner and “turning his back” on the “multilaterism” built by Western powers since World War II with such actions as pulling out of  Iran’s nuclear deal.

On August 27, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: “Obviously, it irritates us when President Trump describes Europe as an enemy of the U.S.A in the same breath as Russia and China…”

Hence, Trump wants Macron to be toppled?

Paris protests 2018

France has denounced “the indiscriminate firing by the Israeli army at demonstrators in Gaza

France sharply condemns Israel: We oppose indiscriminate firing

Trump and Netanyahu hate Macron?

Trump Hates on French President Emmanuel Macron in Twitter Rant

The CIA and MOSSAD have hijacked the protests?

The protests against Macron are understandable.

But, the protests may have been hijacked by Mossad and the CIA?

Daniel Cohn-Bendit. where-were-europes-figureheads-in-the-80s

Daniel Cohn-Bendit led the student protests that helped to shut down large parts of France in 1968.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit was born in southern France, to Erich Cohn-Bendit, a German Jew, and Herta David, a Polish-born Jew.

At one time, Daniel Cohn-Bendit taught in a pre-school.

“In his 1975 book Le Grand Bazaar, he noted how at the pre-school, he had participated in sexual activities with some of the children; several years later, in a magazine article he described the ‘beautiful’ experience of being ‘seduced’ by a six-year-old girl.”

1945: Danny the Red


According to Israel Shamir (Danny the Blue & White):

“It is possible to see 1968 as the movement used and utilized for advancement of the Jewish cause.

“Indeed, in France it came after de Gaulle declared embargo on weapons to Israel; in the US it was the break point for the hold of the old elites and the beginning of the Rise of Jews.

“To a great extent, we can say the same about Russia in 1917.”

ISRAEL SHAMIR MAY BE UNRELIABLE, but some of what he writes is presumably accurate?

‘The Arab Spring was run by the CIA, NATO and Mossad.’

The Sisyphus blogger reminded us about Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Red Benny):

These riots nearly brought down the government of General De Gaulle.

In May 1968 the students were heard to chant “Nous sommes tous les juifs allemands” (“We are all German Jews”).

‘Cohn-Bendit is now co-president of the group European Greens–European Free Alliance in the European Parliament.’

In May 1998, the Indonesian generals (trained by the Pentagon and having close relations with Israel) ‘organised the riots which toppled president Suharto (originally put into power by the CIA).

The Sisyphus blogger claims that:

1. Cohn-Bendit is Jewish, and ‘an agent of Mossad’.

2. De Gaulle was hated by Israel, and by French Jews.

3. This was because De Gaulle had told the world that it was Israel which had attacked the Arab states in June 1967 and not the Arabs who had attacked Israel .

(De Gaulle had also declared an embargo on weapons to Israel)

5. While De Gaulle was on a state visit to Romania, Mossad, with the help of Cohn-Bendit, orchestrated the Paris riots against the French government.


According to Israel Shamir in ‘Danny the Blue & White‘:

Cohn-Bendit “tells of his meetings with the ‘boys’ – his new friends, the War party in Washington.

Perle and Wolfowitz shared with him their plans for the Middle East, he says.

“They want to give Iraq to a Hashemite ruler and to push Palestinians into Jordan to create a Palestinian state there.

“Then, the Jews will get the whole of Palestine.


“Danny has a better, much better plan: give a state to Palestinians, and bring Israel into NATO and the European Union. Make Russia, China, everybody declare their support for the Jewish state, the best and the only democracy in the Middle East.

“If the Americans go along, he can deliver European support for the American occupation of Iraq, he says…

“He (Cohn-Bendit) promoted the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. He supported NATO’s bombing of Serbia into submission. But the Jewish cause occupies much of his time and effort. He is proud that Germany supplied Israel with the nuclear-capable submarines at the expense of the German taxpayer…”

Trump does not like President Macron of France.

“The CIA is suspected to have been involved in supporting the student riots against Charles DeGaulle to retaliate against his withdrawal from NATO and his Francophile policies.” CIA activities in France – Wikipedia

In 1968, in France, there were riots and demonstrations against President de Gaulle, ‘an enemy of the USA’.

In 1947, France’s Interior Minister Edouard Depreux revealed the existence of a secret CIA army in France codenamed “Plan Bleu”.

The aim of this army was to carry out false flag operations, in order to promote the agenda of the CIA.

By 1949, NATO had various secret armies, all part of the CIA’s Operation Gladio.

The former director of France’s spy service DGSE, admiral Pierre Lacoste, said in a 1992 interview with The Nation, that certain elements from the network were involved in terrorist activities against de Gaulle.

In 1966 President Charles de Gaulle denounces the secret terrorist warfare carried out by the Pentagon and expelled the European headquarters of NATO.

NATO commander General Lyman Lemnitzer then ordered various terrorist attacks on de Gaulle.

In 1992, Admiral Pierre Lacoste, in a 1992 interview with The Nation, reported that certain elements from the CIA’s ‘Gladio’ network were involved in the terrorist activities on de Gaulle.

Operation Gladio – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2018 we find rioting in France.

Is this an inside-job by the French security services to discredit the protestors in France?

Is this an American false-flag designed to hurt Macron?

Macron has angered Trump by saying Europe needs its own army and by listing the US along with Russia and China as a threat to European security?

Is this an Israeli false-flag to punish Macron?

Macron recently said: “What will allow solving the crisis between Israel and Palestine?… Not ignoring the legitimate right of Palestinians to obtain durable peace…”

Is this a psyop?


Agudath Israel congratulates President Trump on the nomination of William Barr (right) as U.S. Attorney General

Trump has nominated William Barr to be the USA’s next Attorney General.

“According to former Bush-CIA black ops specialist Chip Tatum, Barr was part of Operation 40, an Agency-linked criminal gang that moved huge quantities of drugs and was involved in many high-level political assassinations, including those of the Kennedies, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, and dozens of others.
“Trump has just nominated a man who represented the Bush CIA drug cartel, both within the CIA itself (1973-1977) and later when he served as “Opium Poppy” Bush’s Attorney General.”


the Nice Attack: Anatomy of a Farce.

30 Nov 2018 – Scottish Mafia Groups Using Kids for ‘Reconnaissance’ Missions … …


  1. As it usually happens, these protest were hijacked, infiltrated. Who did it and why, theres no need to ask.


  2. True !

    As always, when there smth genuine, and big, they cannot destroy it se they (“elites) infiltrate it…

  3. Lots to evaluate in this major situation in France

    Generals are involved

    Retired French General Christian Piquemal (born 1940) – who has been arrested and deprived of military benefits for anti-Islamic protesting – is supporting the yellow vests

    General Pierre de Villiers (born 1956) – himself an object of Macron’s wrath, who resigned his position as military head – is said to be a possible replacement if Macron leaves office … an echo of General De Gaulle

    French police have removed their helmets to show solidarity with the yellow vests

    French military are passing around photos and videos of the yellow vests guarding the unknown soldier tomb memorial

    Once the security services go with the people – 80% of whom are polled as supporting the yellow vests – it is possible there will be ‘regime change’ from this ‘colour revolution’

    The yellow vest protestors have been at the core, mostly white French people … it is commonly said that the ‘fuel prices’ objection, tho genuine, is also cover for anti-multi-cultural, anti-Islamic, and anti-African sentiment … “can’t go to prison for ‘hate speech’ if your crusade starts over ‘high fuel prices'”

    There are significant anti-Jewish statements & dimensions, e.g., a poster against ‘le racket Judéo-Macroniste’ picturing Macron as a Rothschild puppet on strings

    Here are French interrupting a live BBC broadcast to call Macron a whore etc, the voice at end saying “Macron pute à juifs” (Macron whores to Jews)” – 30 seconds:


  4. “Is this an inside-job by the French security services to discredit the protestors in France?”

    of course, but presenting macron as ‘good’ person is very naive : this a den of snakes, they cesspit, so the secret secu like DSGE, and socs play these puppets against each other…

    As always.

    Looks like army is divided for being pro and anti macron.

    If there can be any good coming out of it, let it happen !

    “he yellow vest protestors have been at the core, mostly white French people … it is commonly said that the ‘fuel prices’ objection, tho genuine, is also cover for anti-multi-cultural, anti-Islamic, and anti-African sentiment”

    I like the way you thinhk, Brabantian but :
    although around 30% french supporting FN, this is STILL not open conflict white vs “new french” :
    and somebody will play this cart of possible civil war. This is like labyrinth, back doors, traps etc.



  5. CNN poll on ‘European anti-semitism’, with NY Times commentary:

    28 percent of Europeans believe that Jews had too much influence in business

    20 percent believe that Jews had too much influence in media

    1/3 knew little or nothing about the Holocaust

    only 54 percent support Israel’s right to be a Jewish state

    one in five believe most anti-Semitism is a response to Jewish behaviour

    Roughly a third say Jews use the Holocaust to advance their own goals

    Jews are triply concerned, says NY Times, with
    – resurgence of neo-fascist right
    – radical Muslims doing violence to Jews
    – “fashionable anti-Semitism of far left that masquerades as anti-Zionism and anti-racism”


  6. More as to why white French refrain from framing or expressing anti-migrant sentiment

    “Media reporting that is not sufficiently pro-migration cannot be tolerated”
    – Andrew Gilmour, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights

    “Dutch politician and European Parliament member Marcel de Graaff has issued a dire warning about the United Nations’ frightening vision to criminalise opposition to mass migration … an extension of ‘hate speech’ … Criticism of migration will be a criminal offense … Media outlets that give room for criticism of migration, can be shut down.

    “In Marrakech, Morocco on Dec. 11 and 12 the U.N. Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is to be signed … it is meant to establish the groundwork for an Orwellian campaign to cement mass migration as a human right legally above any and all criticism.”


  7. The Strategy of Tension

    The Tavistock institute or the science of mass manipulation through crisis creation

    Macron (crypto-jew?)is fishy, said he will reign as a Jupiter king and make vaccines mandatory. Hestood right under the Louvre pyramid after being elected.


  8. Absolutely! Just look at his numbers!
    EMMANUEL(33) macron(22)

    See Jewish “Lucky 13” here:

    “Macron (crypto-jew?)is fishy, said he will reign as a Jupiter king and make vaccines mandatory. Hestood right under the Louvre pyramid after being elected. “

  9. Hullo Aang,

    I only just realised you’re back. Very good. It just wasn’t the same with my first go-to website missing. Anyway, lovely, lovely.

    best etc.


  10. Me too ! 😉


  11. Your point of the EU being used to isolate America from our traditional allies was predicted in the Boston Bombing Qabala rituals
    short after that false flag op.

    It was vlogged here with evidence of your and Sweden’s, planned take down.

    Followed up with corroborative evidence here:

    Glad to see your back, regardless of that vewy, vewy waskowi false flag!



  12. Yes, Aanir, glad to sse you back !
    Just wondered what happened…

    But PLS do backups of Yours Site !

    About France : this is psyop, false flag, political porn, smoke and mirrors (” poudre pour les yeux” ) you name it…

    thanks for comeing back ! 🙂




  13. “In France, “household disposable incomes rose in 2017 and in 2018 In France, under Macron, “economic growth has been solid.”

    NO ! This is v e r y naive, and not truth.The opoposite for most of the society. French were played with Macron, he was losing popularity quite fast. French govt tries to buy time now.

    BTW : New expression gains popularity : Democrature…
    ( Yes, democracy mixed with dictature, haha )

    Pls avoid taking sides. Try another way of understanding why this happens in France.

    Rest of article makes sense. Greetings,


  14. European news is carrying stories agreeing there is foreign incitement of French riots

    But media sez that France and the UK agree it is the Russians wot did it not CIA US & Nato … fake news about the fake news?

    True as anon notes above, the ‘household income rising’ statistics are quite misleading

    They mean ‘total households’ including the über-wealthy … so most people can be getting poorer but household income is rising because the 1/10th of 1% has boatloads more money

    Leon Trotsky said long ago, ‘impoverishment of the petite bourgeoisie’ is part of the core plan

    The real earthquake that is underway now in France, somewhat unspoken out loud, is people beginning to think that the reason the middle class is poorer, and taxes etc are too high, is because of all the money going to migrants and non-native-French ethnics who don’t work

    It is partly unspoken not only because of fear of getting caught in the ‘racist hate crime’ dragnet … but because almost any ‘solution’ is very difficult to frame without great trepidation

    And people further are beginning to opine, that elites along with a certain ethnic group of you-know-who, are the ones who fostered sending in the migrants to now-10-per-cent-plus Muslim France

    There is a gnawing feeling there is no ‘fix’ … things will just get slowly, and sometimes more rapidly, worse


  15. France’s former interior minister, Gérard Collomb, mentioned above, is famous for his interview saying that multi-culturalism has not worked, there is increasing violence in relations with France’s 10% of population that is now Muslim

    And that perhaps within 5 or 6 years, the situation will be irreversible and head toward civil war and the possible partition of France with secession of Muslim areas. Collomb said:

    « Relationships between people are very hard, people don’t want to live together … Communities in France are fighting each other more and more and it’s becoming very violent … Yes, we have five, six years to avoid the worst. »

    Article with interview of Collomb by Abdelhamid Kaddour:

    Steve Bannon, seeks to unite Europe’s right-wing and nationalist parties, in ‘The Movement’ under Israel-linked Jewish leadership.

    ‘The Movement’, headquartered in Brussels, was actually founded in 2017 and remains headed by, a prominent Belgian Zionist Jewish politician and lawyer, Mischaël Modrikamen, a central figure in Belgium’s Jewish community and in Belgian ties to Israel

    The Jewish connections of major politicians keep on expanding. In the USA there is great excitement over the youngest USA Congresswoman, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, flamboyant and pretty socialist follower of Jewish Bernie Sanders

    Ocasio-Cortez just publicly announced she too has Jewish roots, she is descended from Sephardic Jews in Spain, like Cuba’s Fidel Castro


  16. Ehhhhh Hello. Is that you? The Real You?

    Nice to have you back.

    Peace to the humans!


  17. Clearly France has social issues from migrant ghettos to marginalised working classes. The shadow of the guillotine mentality and a militancy that other parts of Europe appear not to possess. It is easy enough to mobilise numbers and populism rules supreme.

    However, the usual agente provocateur and shadowy security services are providing the Hegelian dialect.

    France is clearly ripe for false flags (Nice, Bataclan etc) and with it the imposition of the state of emergency when the glove fits.

    Whilst the majority of those on the streets have a genuine grievance, the violence and trouble is clearly organised by the ‘usual nefarious sources’.

    Vive La France and peace to the humans.


  18. Good comment, and today we have Strasbourg to distract divide etc.
    The good people protest, and the spooks in disguise vandalize the historical sites of Paris. Our scummy media lie about it and the beat goes on. But these protests may be a game changer??


  19. Hey..what about my comment pointing out Macron like his predecessors Sarkozy and Hollande….is OBVIOUSLY a crypto jew….


  20. The Jewish community of France is speaking loudly against the yellow vest movement

    The Grand Rabbi of France has asked French Jews to pray for the French Republic ‘with a special intensity’ against the yellow vests

    Ben Judah tweets, « Uncomfortable fact for excited leftists — the Gilets Jaunes online world is riddled with antisemitic memes and statements. ‘Macron is the President of the Jews,’ is a pretty major theme there »

    Leading French political Jew Bernard-Henri Lévy, major promoter of the war that destroyed Libya, killing tens of thousands including Qaddafi, has called for support for the ‘forces of order’ against yellow vests whom he sees as far-right-radicalised

    The Union of Jewish Students of France have declared their hostility to the gilets jaunes

    The Jewish Chronicle writes –
    « France’s gilets jaunes protests scrutinised as antisemites take part in demonstrations … An image of a notorious antisemitic essayist, wearing the characteristic hi-vis jacket, was featured on the cover of Paris Match magazine »

    The above refers is one of the leading French citizens convicted of ‘anti-semitic crimes’, Hervé Ryssen, who has been wearing a yellow vest and is seen on video and in photos amidst the demonstrators

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