Robert C Byrd owned Mind Controlled Sex Slaves

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Robert C Byrd was an owner and programmer of Monarch mind control sex slaves, as Cathy O’Brien makes clear in her book TranceFormation of America.

He also liked violent sadistic sex and had a small penis.

Cathy also was forced to sleep with Hillary Clinton who liked her vagina which had been mutilated into a Baphomet figure.

Listed here are most of the snippets about Byrd.

These snippets also reveal some of the crimes that sex slaves were used for and the crimes of the Clintons.

Cathy says Hillary knew she was a mind controlled sex slave, ans she must have known Byrd owned her.

Tranceformation of America Cathy O’Brien

I was prostituted by my father to, among others,.
pedophiles Jerry Ford, Guy VanderJagt, and later U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd

When my father brought me to Mackinac
Island for routine prostitution at the Political Retreat, VanderJagt introduced me

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