TLH 1 – Trevor Lloyd-Hughes, Met Police. Summary of Information

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Not much is known about Trevor Lloyd-Hughes (TLH) despite his importance to the various matters surrounding child abuse.

Here is a summary of what this blog has found to be available on TLH, so far, before I publish a persons story who knew TLH in a couple of days.

Trevor Lloyd-Hughes (TLH) according to the News of the World, was found in the address books of at least two teenage boy prostitutes and also by anti corruption detectives investigating links between gay police and a firm of private detectives.

This raises many questions, amongst which are –

  • Was TLH gay?
  • Was he corrupt?
  • Was he involved in sexual abuse?
  • Who were the firm of private detectives and what were the links with gay police?
  • Why was the young officer suspended?
  • What was this “secrets for gay sex scandal” and who was involved?
  • Was TLH heading Operation Circus?
  • What was the…

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