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Ryanair Charges Anger Customers, recent changes include new rules about hand baggage and charges to use the oxygen masks which are deployed in an emergency.Ryanair Charges Anger CustomersNew Ryanair Charges Anger CustomersBudget airline Ryanair have introduced changes which will affect passengers flying to and from Malaga airport, and the new Malaga Merida airport on the Costa Del Sol.

These mainly affect the amount of hand luggage which travellers can bring into the cabin, and the use of emergency oxygen masks.

In a statement Paddy O’Playn from Ryanair’s Flights And Nautical National Yearlies department said “We have introduced an optional charge of €10 for customers who wish to pre-book the use of an oxygen mask before they fly. In the unlikely event of a cabin depressurisation or emergency landing, these customers will have access to the emergency oxygen supply.”Costa Del Sol UpdatePassengers will have the option to buy access to the oxygen masks along with snacks and drinks during their flightSafety

FirstMr. O’Playn continued “Of course, safety is a priority for us, along with saving money. Passengers who haven’t pre-booked the use of an oxygen mask may pay for one at anytime during an emergency. However, the cost for these passengers would be €50 plus a credit card handling fee. They say you can’t put a price on peace of mind, but with Ryanair you can. It’s €10 if you pre-book”.Oxygen MasksOxygen masks can now be pre-booked for only €10

Loyal customer Mick O’Leary said “I think this is a great idea, I love that we have a choice now. I’m in no way connected with Ryanair and don’t run the company, just to be clear”.However not all customers have reacted well to this news. The majority of people we spoke to in Malaga today were angry about the move. Janet Noskcaj from Lithuania said “This is just another rip off. Pay up or die if the plane crashed, which it probably won’t, so I’m not going to pay it”.

Terry “DJ” Twostep from Birmingham said “I’m not from Birmingham I’m from Sutton Coldfield, but that’s not the point. This new rule is clearly a reaction to Brexit and it’s a disgrace, Hear me now. One time.”Complaints

Ryanair have set up a customer service team to handle complaints and concerns about these new conditions. The team can be reached through the Ryanair website for a fee of €2.99 plus credit card handling charge.

Will you be prebooking an oxygen mask next time you fly? Have your say in the comments section below!Written by Anna Srammer, Costa Del Sol Update

Source: Ryanair Charges Anger Customers – Costa Del Sol Update

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