Peter Jonathan Denby 1988 Jul 29 Court of Appeal

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Jonathan Denby has long been a controversial figure for researchers in child abuse, due perhaps to his long friendship with Harvey Proctor.

Jonathan Denby is nephew and was raised by Sir Richard Denby, once a President of the Law Society.

Jonathan Denby is cousin to barrister Barbara Hewson. Hewson has been abusive to many child abuse victims (and amazingly it seems she is allowed to get away with it by the apparently supine and/ or spineless Bar Council and Twitter).

This apppeal transcript throws a bit more light on the bizarre life he led alongside crime and criminals. He was perhaps lucky to get off lightly in this whole gun toting affair at policemen in court and at appeal, but it always helps to know legal establishment figures.

For much more on this incident, Denby’s life and relatives see Sceptic Pegs post HARVEY PROCTOR: Denby, Proctor & Powell  [3]


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