Injustice and Organised Targetting

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This is a man, Omraj Jeetun, who is trying to get his children and wife back. He says he has been targetted since taking a company to a Employment Tribunal.

Summary of his Story

1. 2012 I took Knowledge Point Ltd to a London Employment Appeal Tribunal.

2- 2013 The appeal was delayed but but we started being gang stalked on daily basis. The gang-stalking surveillance was pointed out to Reading police, Reading Borough Council and Knowledge Point Ltd

3. It is my belief that Knowledge Point Ltd lied, produced forgeries and a fake witness at the Tribunal. A witness claimed that were friends and to know my family, which they did not. A supervisor also claimed to be at work when they were on holiday in Spain.

The case went in the companies favour but ever since my wife and my children have continued to have been targetted.


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