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On 23rd August 2007, a vulnerable 15 year old girl stuffed some belongings in two carrier bags and left home.   Police believe that within the following hours or days she was murdered.

Her body has never been found but police managed to obtain convictions against two men in relation to her death.

Paige’s story is just one element of a sad set of events that I will cover in this post.


Paige lived at home with her parents Frank Chivers and Sheila Houghton and her younger brother, Jack, in Longford Avenue, Bispham.  With her family life reported as ‘dysfunctional’, Paige seemed to become unsettled and rebellious, and by the age of 13 she was expelled from school.  With excess time on her hands, Paige began to frequent a flat in All Hallows Road that seemed to be the local hang-out area for young girls. …

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