Child Safeguarding Whistleblower, Thomas Tallis School Part 1- Cover Up

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This is the first part of a story about a child safeguarding issue at a school, Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich.

A concerned teacher Mick V, expressed concern about a child’s wellbeing and possible sexual abuse but then found himself the victim of a ficticious “parallel construction” to silence him. He lost his job at the school as a teacher and himself is targetted as a result.

This post contains the first of two articles – The Cover Up [2] . The next post will be Supervising organisations did nothing about my concerns relating to the possible abuse and neglect of the child[1] .

There is more than enough evidence, documents and emails, which are all reproduced at the end to back up Mick V’s Story.

He has tried and tried and tried and exhausted every single avenue and official authority to try and bring attention to the…

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