RICHMOND: Johnnie Savile


imageJohnnie Savile

Johnnie Savile was the brother of the notorious predatory paedophile and necrophiliac, Jimmy.  By all accounts, Johnnie traded in on his brother’s fame. The concensus is that he was insignificant, but from what I have seen, he was far from it.  Johnnie was perverse, no stranger to controversy and ‘in’ with the ‘right’ crowd.

imageDismissal from Springfield Psychiatric Hospital

Johnnie was employed at Springfield Psychiatric Hospital in Tooting as a Patient’s Social and Recreation Officer.  In April 1980 Johnnie was dismissed from his job following an investigation that he had assaulted a female patient.  He subsequently took them to an Industrial Tribunal in December 1980, and lost.

imageSouth West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust Inquiry

Despite claims in 1980 that Johnnie had assaulted one female patient and following the Jimmy Savile review, an inquiry was undertaken in 2015 by South West London & St George’s…

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