#ScoutsAbuse 9 – The Lasting Legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Nic Seagull

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Following my posts on court appeals relevant to #ScoutAbuse [see links], I am currently putting together an overarching post of child abuse in the Scouts. I came across Nic’s post and as it is a powerful piece of writing, it is well worthy of a reblog.

If anyone else has an information on scouts and child abuse, please let me know on scouts@cathyfox.33mail.com

This post was written in 2016 by SeagullNic and is available on his blog The Lasting Legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse[1]

I WROTE the attached blog piece two years ago, following my nervous breakdown in June 2013. At the time of writing I was trying to make sense of events in my life which had led to the breakdown.

THE breakdown was a long time coming… 43 years to be precise. Yes, that really is a long time to keep a secret and many events along the way…

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