5 Years Anniversary of Cardiff Judge ‘Child Smuggling’ Ruling: Cover-up of Toddler Rape, Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA), and Murder – psychassessmentblog

5 Years Anniversary of Cardiff Judge ‘Child Smuggling’ Ruling: Cover-up of Toddler Rape, Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA), and Murder

Five years ago today I was sitting outside a Cardiff court room as I had been all week together with a mate of the mother who would – most probably – loose custody of her child that day. The morning had gone surprisingly well in that the judge dismissed all allegations of ‘child neglect’ that the SS had trumped up to bolster their non-existence claim for obtaining custody of the toddler. Within the benefit of hindsight it seems to be a routine part of the ‘Child Smuggling’ operations run by Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) gangs that rely on tax-payer funded ‘professionals’ (‘operatives’?). Make up allegations, taint the testimony of the Psych experts, and traumatise the mother through ‘disbelief’. When it comes to court week this situation lets the Barrister (ostensibly) acting for the mother ‘shine’ criticising the Council and the Judge ‘looks reasonable and compassionate’. Of course the name of the game is to let the tainted evidence of the Psychs stand!Have a read through the redacted transcript:Court Ruling Transcript Section B1 pages 43-68 (26 pages redacted 22nd Feb 2018)This mother of a toddler had sent a 2 page email containing a warning to people in Kingston-upon-Thames that her father had sexually assaulted her toddler in broad daylight. Authority representatives disbelieved her account as she only reported the assault after 3 weeks. Why? Because an inadequate police officer in Kingston-upon-Thames had instructed here twice in a 40 minute late night conversation to delay reporting to facilitate an ‘undercover operation’. The mother fell for the manipulation stating several times: ‘The Met police officer saved my life’.The manipulations included ‘advice’ to avoid building social relationships and attachments as she ‘may have to be taken into a witness protection program’ abroad. It weakened her ability to activate a support network and conveniently allowed mental health operatives to smear her as ‘Schizoid’ (denoting or having a personality type characterized by emotional aloofness and solitary habits).Furthermore the police officer asked for name and description of individuals the mother would recognise. She duly gave details of e.g. ‘the tall transvestite’ who used to be a customer in the shoe shop she worked in after dropping out of A-level following a pills overdose (prompted by an incestuous sexual assault). Seeing these individuals would be a ‘signal’ that the undercover operation was underway. Of course it conveniently enabled Psych operatives to claim that she was schizophrenic ‘imagining’ the presence of people.  Following the assault individuals she recognised were paraded in front of her usually looking rather uncomfortable and saying nothing or at most ‘Sorry’. One person seemingly was brought over from the Republic of Ireland!To me this looked like the work of an Organised Ritual Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN) deeply embedded in the Public Sector. In the 12 months run up to the sexual assault the half-aunt suddenly passed away (ostensibly due to alcoholism). Strangely (?) her son had been raped as a toddler when playing in the garden (saw proof of that in official documents). The mother had disclosed that she had been raped by her father as a toddler. Three toddler rapes – and everyone ‘looks away’ and fails to investigate properly the most likely suspect!The (grand)father started to turn up in the South Wales valleys having obtained her address through deception involving the protagonist’s half-brother (whose son had been buggered) and his girl-friend. Just 2 weeks before the court week the mother supplied me with Facebook evidence of their conversation as well as communications with her family backing her case. Why did police and legal aid solicitor fail to procure this information?A close friend of the toddler’s nursery teacher was reportedly found dead. My heart sank when we went ‘on location’ and got confirmation when I asked someone: ‘Was there a strange death in this village about 2 years ago’?I put together a poster that outlines the situation and wider context. A dozen stalking, defamation and harassment events included an attempt to run mother and toddler over in front of their house. The night before her body was found ‘in the village river’ she reportedly was seen in company of the ‘stalker’ in a village pub and later seen arguing at Railway Terrace overlooking the location where she was found. Bizarrely South Wales police found the circumstances of the death ‘not suspicious’. Why would someone end up in the village river just after Christmas other than through foul play?I saw police records of a defamation incident where a caller claimed that she was feeding dog food to her toddler. A police helicopter and two cars chased down the young family. Everything was found to be in perfect order. You would hope that police, SS and Psych experts would consider s

Source: 5 Years Anniversary of Cardiff Judge ‘Child Smuggling’ Ruling: Cover-up of Toddler Rape, Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA), and Murder – psychassessmentblog

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