[#ScoutsAbuse 4] John Oliver Bentley Court of Appeal 29 Jul 1999

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The appeal against sentencing was made by John Oliver Bentley, who was a founder of British Men and Boys Love Association.  Although he was a member of BMBLA, this was an “isolated conviction” for indecent assault, although he had many indecent photographs.  The abuse was in the early 1990s and at his home Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. The appeal was dismissed.

Of interest is that the victim was taken to Bentley’s house by Douglas Braithwaite who ran a Scout group in NE London in the 1990’s, and was connected to a paedophile ring [who?], who had previously abused the same victim.

Braithwaite was connected to Brian Turner, 60, a convicted paedophile who was a member of child killer Sidney Cooke’s “dirty dozen” gang,  Dennis Ward, 66, Keith Spratt, 50, Robert Kearns, 50 and The Baden Powell Scouting Association, founded in 1978, which has about 2,000 members and 100 lodges nationwide. 1998 Sept 16…

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