FB & freedom of speech is like comparing King Herod & baby-sitting! | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

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FB & freedom of speech is like comparing King Herod & baby-sitting! January 3, 2018 Michael Aydinian News.YET ANOTHER 30 FB BAN! What bastards! So I got my good friend Tim Iacono to post this –   GMMuk has asked me to inform everyone that once again he’s been given a 30 day ban. Of course there’s no justifiable reason. He may call out the Zionists & Israel for the criminals they surely are but when one sees the outrageous lies along with the ungodly level of hatred from pro-Israeli & Zionists websites that goes unpunished, one can clearly see we’re anything but operating on a level playing field. In other words Freedom of Speech is a myth when Zionists have their way. As Michael has always said, there’s an easy solution if the Israelis don’t like being criticised –STOP STEALING LAND!STOP USING PALESTINIAN KIDS AS TARGET PRACTICE!STOP KIDNAPPING, JAILING & MURDERING CHILDREN IN ORDER TO STEAL THEIR ORGANS!STOP SUPPORTING TERROR ORGANISATIONS LIKE ISIS!STOP TELLING SO MANY PORKIES& ABOVE ALL, STOP BEING SUCH NASTY BASTARDS! As well as not being able to post, he cannot like any comment or send messages. The chances are this ban could turn out to be permanent for Michael told FB ‘they are the scum of the earth.’ We’ve just had a chat & arrived at the conclusion we should fight fire with fire. If FB only wishes to ban those who speak out against the Zionist cancer that’s now embedded in our society, then we should slowly but surely dump FB & all move to a site that truly embraces freedom of speech.However what’s critical is that we not only move to the same site but do so with a level of flexibility, for it’s a certainty the Zionists will buy up any social media outlet in order to keep the truth suppressed. Our job is to make it as difficult as possible for them by basically playing musical chairs. If they buy the one we move to, then we move again. Let’s face it, the last thing the Zionists want is to shell out lumps on lost causes! Another billion here; another billion there. ‘Oy veh! Ve’re doing our brains!’So not only must we move together but we must keep doing it, that is, if we have to. The only way to do this efficiently is by having a means of staying in contact with each other where at a flick of a switch, one message can go to 10,000 people. Any suggestions on this will be most welcome.  GMMuk.

Source: FB & freedom of speech is like comparing King Herod & baby-sitting! | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

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