Dissociative Orders and Child Sexual Abuse

cathy fox blog on child abuse

In this post I publish various documents and papers and links from Dr Rainer Kurz a chartered Psychologist. There is also some correspondence from Dr Kurz about the some of the documents.

Establishment science and scientists often paid by big pharma are loath to cover or explore science properly beyond the parameters set by their paymasters particularly in areas they still like to keep taboo such as mind control, ritual abuse and the role and cover up of abuse by the establishment systems.

Rainer Kurz tries to get them to see beyond the end of their nose and face subjects that apparently give many cognitive dissonance.
The medical establishment and the courts are used to facilitate child abuse and indeed abuse of adults and so they have extra reason not to want to face up to reality.

I am pleased to be able to encourage the spread of information for…

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