US MK Ultra – CIA’s Mind Control on Children

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This post comprises two pieces from John Rappoport. One an article CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children [1][5] and the other a transcript of a talk The CIA, Mind Control and Children A Talk by John Rappoport  [3]

They describe some of the despicable experiments that the CIA carries out on children.

Taken with the use of children for drug trafficking, sex, blackmail, hunting, snuff movies, etc this is part of what amounts to the CIA’s War on Children.

c. 1995  CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children by Jon Rappoport[1]

The CIA mind-control apparatus has been well known since 1975, when 10 large boxes of documents were released pursuant to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Several good books were then written on the subject of the CIA program known as MK-ULTRA. Officially spanning ten years from 19 52-62, MK-ULTRA involved the use of LSD on unwitting…

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