Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago July 25, 2015 Michael Aydinian NewsThe reminders are up to 80 now! 5 years have now passed since I wrote to the BBC telling them come hell or high water, I would not be paying the BBC TV licence fee. I actually pleaded with them to take me to court. Sure enough, every month they sent me a reminder, wasting even more money but I haven’t paid my licence fee & come what may I WON’T PAY & THERE’S NOTHING THEY CAN DO! The final paragraph (before my list of 25 reasons – a catalogue of lies & non-reporting), details exactly why no one has to pay it. In the meantime, all you have to do is tell them this – they (the BBC) are bound by a specific operating requirement in the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British public – THEY HAVE TO BE BOTH ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL!Once you mention WTC7 they effectively have no leg to stand on. They reported the collapse of the building yet it hadn’t. It was still standing, ONLY FOR IT TO COLLAPSE 23 MINUTES LATER…… so please. Do not pay the licence fee. You’re throwing good money away for worse than nothing. You’re paying them so that they lie to you! This is one of the ways we can hurt them. Another is sending letters & emails to MPs telling them how pissed off you are that Zionists control the BBC! Let them know. Pile on the heat & above all use any part of the letter below. If you need any assistance just message me. I’ll be only too glad to help.It is also crucial to let media whores know – THEY WILL BE PUNISHED! If my life depended on answering this question correctly – ‘what’s worse? A Nazi soldier in Auschwitz or a media whore?’ I would honestly say the media whore of today is committing a far worse crime. Why? BECAUSE THEY AT LEAST HAVE A CHOICE! Make no mistake – their lies have led to the deaths of millions of innocent folk, along with a refugee crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen. If you were a German soldier in one of the Concentration camps, you had to obey orders whether you liked it or not. Bear in mind, soldiers weren’t afforded the excuse they were merely following orders but what could they do? I defy anyone to tell me what options were open to them.Without going into the obvious lies we’ve been told about the Holocaust, let’s say millions died in the camps. As a result, we had the Nuremberg trials. Media whores willingly told us a pack of lies about Iraq & as a result, at least 2 million innocent folk have died in the Middle East & the carnage continues to this very day. Where’s the difference? Like I said – media personnel at least have a choice; soldiers don’t! Get this into your head – the crimes of the media are of Nuremberg proportions. Maybe if people started to realise this, the word wouldn’t just get out; there’d be an avalanche! I believe it is absolutely imperative those working in the media have to begin to feel public pressure. That means you & I have to act. It’s no use moaning of media lies & how their neglect of duty is what’s making all this hell possible. It takes two minutes to email the BBC or your MP.…………………..Today I received reminder No.40 – pay up or else! 3 years ago I sent this letter to the BBC. It proved to be one of the most popular posts I’ve ever had. I told them – there’s only one cast-iron certainty in the Universe right now – YOU CAN’T GET! Even if you take me to court, FORGET ABOUT BEING WEIGHED IN – YOU CAN’T GET! In fact, please, I beg you….. take me to court. Plonk me right in front of that judge & I’ll show him what a load of low-life, lying toe-rags you lot are! So…… what did they do? The BBC sent me an E-mail. They asked – ‘specifically, in your own words, what was your main reason for writing to the BBC & why you refuse to pay the TV licence? Please give as much detail as possible.’ ……… Well they asked……….. Truth-Mark TwainEver since the fateful day, your coverage of 9/11 has been a disgrace. There’s yet to be a meaningful investigation & all you’ve done is continue to perpetuate the same lies. How do I know this? Because on the day of 9/11, the BBC reported the collapse of the Saloman Brothers building, WTC7. There was one major problem with this news item – as the BBC correspondent in New York Jane Standley was telling us this, WTC7 was standing perfectly upright over her left shoulder! No big deal. Everyone makes mistakes….. except lo & behold….. 23 minutes later, WTC7, a 47 storey steel skyscraper collapsed at free-fall speed, in classic control demolition style, into its own footprint…… & no plane hit this building! No prizes for guessing why you’ve never explained yourselves for this alone proves the BBC was party to information which at best could have led to the arrest of the real perpetrators; at worst, the BBC is inextricably linked to the very people that planned & executed 9/11! I’m in no doubt the latter is true because the only people who aren’t aware the BBC is a Zionist propaganda tool are those who poss

Source: Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

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