How I Got Fired: Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences – PHILIP GIRALDI (former counter-terrorism specialist & CIA military intelligence officer) | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

How I Got Fired: Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences – PHILIP GIRALDI (former counter-terrorism specialist & CIA military intelligence officer) October 4, 2017 Michael Aydinian NewsThanks to my great friend Reverend Mark Dankof for always sending me material which is best described as awesome. There are many courageous folk out there speaking out against the Neo-Con Zionists, Jews, call them what you like. I admire & respect each & every one for the great work they do. You can be sure Mark Dankof & Philip Giraldi are right up there with the very best of them. The dilemma though facing all of us is compounded by the fact these war-mongers have the ability to stifle not just meaningful debate but any discussion regarding their outrageous influence & power. Here’s a story that’s become all too familiar – Philip Giraldi’s ‘how I got fired.’ You really want to read both pieces. I quickly like to reiterate a point Giraldi makes. No one is saying all Jews are driving America’s wars. It may not seem so but there is a world of difference saying American wars are driven by Jewish/Zionist Neo-Cons. THEY ARE but isn’t it obvious people like Dr. Normon Finkelstein, Miko Peled & countless other Jews are vociferously opposed to the Neo-Con agenda & the way Israel goes about its business? How can people be so daft to look upon them in the same light? I’m sick to the back teeth of people commenting on my articles saying ‘all Jews aren’t Zionists’ as if I don’t know. Thinking about it, I’d say Jews fall into 3 categories – * There are those who realise exactly what’s going on. The bravest of them speak out & consequently are quite literally hounded by the war-mongers & therefore the media. These people are truly amazing.* There are those who I feel are the most brainwashed people in the world. They’ve simply fallen for all the lies & cannot be told anything. All my Jewish ‘ex-friends’ fall into this category. They are good people who’ve let themselves down terribly by closing down the thought process whenever the subject matter involves Jews. As Mark Twain so rightly said – “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”* Finally there are the war-mongering Neo-Cons who either believe they really are the ‘Chosen Ones’ or simply want to control the entire globe. This group falls into two sections – those who are actively involved & those who are not. The former I believe are committing crimes far worse than anyone tried & convicted at Nuremberg.…………………………………. Just to give some idea of how it all works: On September 30 I saw this article on Press TV.Trump pursuing Israel first policy, not America first: Analyst Mark Dankof Then, just 4 days later I saw this article on Press TV – US involved in ‘bloody provocations’ against Russian forces in Syria: Lavrov Remember Trump was elected mainly because the only other option, Hillary Clinton, was positively a nightmare in waiting. Yet as obnoxious, odious & unpresidential as Trump undoubtedly is, he nevertheless campaigned on the pledge he’d place America first. He even suggested powerful lobbies were living on borrowed time. He most definitely stated & I quote, ‘THESE WARS HAVE BEEN DISASTROUS FOR AMERICA!’ If you want to keep believing Trump at the time was not being genuine, then be my guest – stay dumb! I’m fed up with you lot. Is rocket science required to comprehend who’s squarely responsible for this lamentable state of affairs? My god, it never ceases to amaze me how so many so-called activists on social media get it so arse-about-face. If there’s one thing that’s conspired to extinguish my will to write, here it is. Insisting Trump was always in the pockets of Zionists without ever explaining why the media has been intent on relentlessly pursuing a policy to undermine his Presidency is ridiculous. Why would they do this? Surely it would be in their best interests to let Trump simply do their bidding? Of course it makes no sense but in order to believe this crap, one has to turn a blind eye to the fact Zionists lurk in every corner of Capitol Hill. THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE SCREAMING ABOUT – not some half-arse baloney that Trump was always their man. Yet bizarrely, these people are perfectly aware it doesn’t matter who America elects. The all-powerful Jewish/Zionist lobbies will ensure that either they get the perfect puppet President like Hillary or they’ll coerce & threaten any President who has any ideas of placing America’s interests first. Shortly after Trump took office on March 13 I wrote – Netanyahu goes to Washington. BANG! US troops end up in Syria! As I just said – this is how it works. Perhaps people need to condition themselves into thinking just because the media doesn’t say it hardly means this is not the case. I

Source: How I Got Fired: Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences – PHILIP GIRALDI (former counter-terrorism specialist & CIA military intelligence officer) | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

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