Spanish cops bust HUGE international sex trafficking ring in Malaga | Olive Press News Spain

Spanish cops bust HUGE international sex trafficking ring in MalagaBy Staff Reporter – PUBLISHED – 24 Aug, 2017 @ 13:29 LAST UPDATED: 24 Aug, 2017 @ 13:29 0SHAREPOLICIA Nacional have busted an international sex trafficking ring operating out of Malaga and Benidorm. Some 25 people were arrested yesterday, including a woman in Madrid, the suspected ringleader in Helsinki and two suspected traffickers in Barcelona.Some 16 trafficked women were freed in the operation, which was carried out in conjunction with Finnish police.The ring also operated in Nigeria, Niger, Libya and Italy, and was present at every stage of the journey of the trafficked sex slaves, including recruitment, transfers and accommodation.The investigation began when agents of the Madrid Asylum and Refuge Office detected two young Nigerian women suspected of being victims of trafficking. A serious investigation was immediately launched.Cops soon discovered the network had a their base in Nigeria, where most of the victims were captured.Most were young women in the most disadvantaged areas and who were in desperate situations.The victims were forced to submit to various voodoo rituals to ‘ensure their absolute fidelity’.They then travelled along with other members of the organization to Niger.From there they were transferred to Libya and left under the charge of a man, who was in charge of controlling them until they embarked for Italy, where they risked their lives by traveling on boats that were excessively loaded and lacking any safety measures.Once in Italy, they were placed in immigrant shelters, where they waited for new instructions.It was here that the organization had a network of apartments, where they housed the victims after removing them from the reception centers.One of the main people in charge of the network, settled in Italy, was in charge of this task, removing the girls from the centers and taking them to one of the apartments, where they were under their control until they travelled to Spain.They were transferred to Madrid as soon as possible so they could apply for international protection and work for the organization without problems in case they were approached by police.A man in Madrid produced fraudulent documentation to request asylum and lodged them while they were in the capital.The victims were then transferred to Malaga and Benidorm, where they stayed in apartments along with other members of the organization.These gang members were responsible for initiating and then maintaining the women in the exercise of prostitution, always under their complete control.Women were forced to perform sexual services every day for most of the day, providing the network with lots of cash income.The funds were channeled to Nigeria, where they were used to finance new episodes of recruitment and transfers of victims, which in turn increased profits.To make the investment even more profitable, the victims were transferred to other locations such as Gandia or Soria where they were also required to practice prostitution in alternative clubs.

Source: Spanish cops bust HUGE international sex trafficking ring in Malaga | Olive Press News Spain


Holidays to Europe set to cost £500 more as pound collapses against the euro – Mirror Online

Holidays to Europe set to cost £500 more as pound collapses against the euroExperts say the exchange rate between sterling and euro will become one for one in 2018 on current trendsSHARECOMMENTSBYNIGEL NELSON00:00, 27 AUG 2017NEWSHolidays in Europe could cost Brits a fortune (Image: Westend61)SHAREGet Politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeA family holiday in Europe will cost up to £500 more next year as the pound collapses against the euro.Experts say the exchange rate will become one for one in 2018 on current trends.That means an average week break in Spain for a family of four will be £345 more, an extra £360 for France, £390 for Greece and £495 in Italy.And that comes on top of big hikes in holiday prices from last year when Britain voted to leave the EU and the pound began to slide.This summer families paid £255 more in Spain than in 2016 and faced a £360 increase for Italy, according to Lib Dem research.Leader Sir Vince Cable said: “Families could be clobbered even harder next year than they were this.“Cheap and easy family holidays to Europe risk becoming a thing of the past because of Brexit as the pound becomes worth less and less.”Last week the European currency rose above 92p to the £, its strongest showing for eight years.READ MORE’Tories will never win another majority’: David Davis’s ex-chief of staff says his party “not fit for office”Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable (Image: AFP)The euro has rallied more than 10 per cent from its low for the year of 83p in April.Meanwhile a row has broken out over whether ordinary Brits will ever get to know the ins and outs of Brexit.Brexit Secretary David Davis is today accused by pressure group Open Britain of trying to do a deal with the EU to stop papers on the Brexit process being revealed.Labour’s Chris Bryant said: “This smells like a shameful attempt to dodge scrutiny and erase history before it’s even happened.”Tomorrow Mr Davis will begin his third round of talks with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.A Whitehall source said: “Both sides must be flexible and willing to compromise. The clock is ticking so neither side should drag its feet.”

Source: Holidays to Europe set to cost £500 more as pound collapses against the euro – Mirror Online

British tourists tell of misery abroad with pound at eight-year low

British tourists tell of misery abroad with pound at eight-year low The GuardianBen Quinn20 hrs agoSHARESHARETWEETSHAREEMAILHow many billions did the billionaires add this year?© PA European holidays are increasingly expensive for British tourists as the pound weakens against the euro.British tourists returning from continental holidays last week arrived at airports in various states of shock. The pound’s slump in value against the euro reached an eight-year low during their trips and many holidaymakers bore tales of the woes they had endured at foreign cash machines.“You do become more aware of it each time you take money out,” said Tom Wake as he and his wife Pip made their way through Stansted airport after a break in Pisa. “The rate shifted quite a bit when we were away, so it became quite noticeable and Brexit is there in the back of your mind. Everyone seems to be talking about it over there – they can’t really understand why we’re doing it.”The recent swing against sterling prompted predictions that Britain’s currency may now be trending towards parity with the euro – although analysts later revised forecasts. Nevertheless, the euro is now worth 92p compared with 70p before last year’s Brexit referendum.It’s a hit that is felt keenly with every British order for beer on the Spanish costas or for croissants on the French riviera. Alan Rylett and his wife, who had travelled with a group of friends to Italy, greeted the exchange rate difference with a weary shrug of the shoulder. “We took some money out before we went, so it wasn’t too bad,” he said. “The shops were a bit more expensive. Eating out was not too bad actually, apart from the very touristy areas where you get ripped off regardless of what rate it is.”Others, including some coming back from non-eurozone countries, were less than impressed. “It wouldn’t stop us from travelling, but it is an annoyance,” said Yvette Franco, who was returning from Denmark.“I remember getting something like 115 Danish krone for around £10, which didn’t feel great. It just makes you a little bit fed up in general with the country and the politics.”For other travellers, including those who had voted in favour of Brexit, the slide of the pound was regarded as a temporary price worth paying. They included Stewart Harris, who was travelling to Turkey and had been closely monitoring how the pound was faring against the Turkish lira. “I felt that it was going to happen, but I’m confident that things will even out,” he said.

Source: British tourists tell of misery abroad with pound at eight-year low

As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.

As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.US Politics Philip Weiss on August 24, 2017 86 CommentsAdjust Font Size A promotion by Nefesh b’Nefesh, an Israeli group that promotes aliyah, or Jews moving to Israel. Screenshot.“Can Israel bring home its 1 million US Expats?” was the headline on an article in the Jerusalem Post 3 weeks ago; and it has gotten very little attention, though the article states bluntly that as many as 1 million Israelis are now living in the U.S.“[B]etween 750,000 and 1 million Israelis live in the country,” says Israel’s US Embassy, though others put the figure as low as 200,000.If you walk around the Upper West Side, you know something’s up, from the Hebrew you can hear on Broadway; but this is an important story for two reasons, demographic and spiritual.First, Israel has long claimed to be a majority Jewish state (as if that justifies Jews’ higher status). Right now the numbers of Jews and Palestinians between the river and the sea are said to be equal, 6.5 million to 6.5 million. If 1 million Jews are living outside the country– and the Post article refers to the expats as “Jews” — that means it’s likely that there are more Palestinians than Jews in the lands over which Israel is exercising sovereignty.That would mean a Jewish minority ruling a non-Jewish majority under the aegis of “the Jewish state”: which just seals the deal on the contested “apartheid” label.The other reason this story is important is that it shows that for all the propaganda about Israel being the safest place in the world for Jews, and Israel being the Jewish “home,” and Jews in Israel “living the dream,” Jews themselves do not seem to be swayed by the argument. Israel has never traditionally been the top choice for emigrating Jews; and it’s not now, either.“In recent years, Israel has lost more people to the United States than it has gained,” the article says– by 17,700 to 13,000 over three years.That outflow apparently came in the latest year on record, 2015; 16,700 Israelis left while 8,500 came in, Haaretz reports. In talks, John Mearsheimer has called the trend “reverse aliyah.”Back in 2011 Gideon Levy reported that 100,000 Israelis hold German passports; and he noted the irony that Israel is not a safe place for Jews (or non-Jews either):If our forefathers dreamt of an Israeli passport to escape from Europe, there are many among us who are now dreaming of a second passport to escape to Europe.He also said the crisis was generated by the fact that Israel hadn’t figured out its constitutional structure:If the Palestinian people already had one real passport, maybe the Israelis wouldn’t need two.We have heard many anecdotal stories about Israelis leaving, because they do not see a future in living in a state increasingly isolated from the world. This article is more evidence of that trend. It deserves a lot more attention– a 60 Minutes report exposing the claim that Israel is the safest place for Jews, or some other investigative project on why these Israelis are leaving. Don’t hold your breath.Thanks to Scott Roth.  About Philip WeissPhilip Weiss is Founder and Co-Editor of posts by Philip Weiss.Posted In:American Jewish CommunityIsrael LobbyUS Aid to IsraelUS Politics 1070  3403 Google +1 Reddit36  2086 Responsesmcohen.. August 24, 2017, 5:39 pmI hope that in the next 5 years 80% of jews have left the land that is called israel and spread over the earth to strenghten communities in the diaspora so judaism can continue to grow in number and in peace.Log in to ReplyKaisa of Finland August 24, 2017, 7:03 pmmcohen:“I hope that in the next 5 years 80% of jews have left the land that is called israel and spread over the earth to strenghten communities in the diaspora so judaism can continue to grow in number and in peace..”But what about the Zionist fanatics?? Who wants them??Log in to Replypabelmont August 25, 2017, 11:52 amProbably the Israeli Jews now leaving Israel (BTW: are all those 1,000,000 Israeli expats in USA Jews?) are leftists like other Jews living in NYC’s upper West Side. That leaves the Jewish religious fanatics and territorial-acquisition fanatics more and more alone (apart from Palestinians) inside (greater) Israel.Mooser August 25, 2017, 12:57 pm“But what about the Zionist fanatics?? Who wants them??”They will probably try to open painless irredentistry clinics wherever they go.RoHa August 26, 2017, 8:31 amOne of your best yet, Mooser.oldgeezer August 24, 2017, 11:42 pmI would be fine with that even though i dispute the existance of any god.The problem is the racist zionists in terms of israel (and racists belief in whatever elsewhere).They are truly scum of the earth.Log in to ReplyDanaa August 25, 2017, 6:53 pmmcohen – not quite right on this score. israelis, when they live abroad, tend to congregate in their own israeli communities rather than make much of a bridge to the local Jews. Indeed, Israeli culture deeply separates them from most “Jewish cu

Source: As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.

A grenade was thrown into an upmarket hotel in Marbella.the safest place to be according to Maurice Boland MARBELLA THAT IS!


WATCH: Arsonist throws grenade into upmarket Marbella hotel popular with celebs

LAST UPDATED: 23 Aug, 2017 @ 13:20

ATTACKED: Sisu hotel

THIS is the moment an arsonist launched a live hand grenade into an upmarket Marbella hotel.

CCTV footage, released today, shows the attacker removing the safety pin before tossing it into the air and fleeing the scene before the explosion.

Prior to the explosion the suspect can be seen wandering around the pool donning a bandana over his face and wearing a baseball cap.

He can be seen dousing the bar and sofas with an accelerant before setting light to the hotel, almost injuring himself.

The gangland style attack happened at the Sisu Boutique Hotel, between Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara.

It is a popular haunt for celebs like the TOWIE cast and has hosted several international stars, including Tinie Tempah and Craig David.

The attack took place just before 11pm on March 2, but images were revealed today as CCTV footage showing the man responsible was made public for the first time.

British businessman Neil Acland, who describes himself as the hotel owner, labelled the attack a failed attempt to make sure he could not open for the summer season.

He told a Spanish newspaper: “It was done so we couldn’t open in May.

“The insurance people won’t cover the damage until the police finish their investigation.

“If we hadn’t had money to repair the damage, we couldn’t have opened and everything would have been over.”

His partner Ale Valdivia, general manager at the hotel, added: “We were closed at the time and in bed.

“We heard an explosion and went downstairs. Everything was destroyed.”

Police are still probing the attack. No arrests are thought to have yet been made but detectives are giving out no information about their ongoing probe.

The celeb hotel is at the centre of an ongoing rental dispute which has gone to court and it has been outed by neighbours over its noisy parties.

Its website says: “Day or night every summer the pool at Sisu is probably the best place to be.”

A spokesman for Spain’s National Police said today: “Our investigation is ongoing and there is no information we can make public at this moment in time.”

60-year-old man killed in fatal Costa del Sol car crash | Olive Press News Spain

60-year-old man killed in fatal Costa del Sol car crashBy Laurence Dollimore (News Editor) – PUBLISHED – 23 Aug, 2017 @ 14:13 LAST UPDATED: 23 Aug, 2017 @ 14:13 0SHAREA 60-YEAR-OLD man has been killed in a car crash on the Costa del Sol this morning. The fatal collision occured at kilometer 151 on the A-7 in Estepona.The crash took place just after 6am, according to the Andalucia Emergency Service.The man, believed to be Spanish, died at the scene, while another 40-year-old was attended to by medical services.

Source: 60-year-old man killed in fatal Costa del Sol car crash | Olive Press News Spain

yes safe and sound under the ground 6ft.says the man from zion.

This man lost his job because of  zionist jews venues CANCELLED PUT ON A BLACKLIST .

Richie Allen1 hr · Timperley, United Kingdom · We live in sick fucking times eh? Where my mate sells out venues in Canada and elsewhere, but has to keep the location of certain venues secret, until the last minute, so that Zionist extremists can’t call those venues and threaten the owners with bankruptcy, if they don’t cancel my mate. Far fetched right? Can’t be happening right? It is fucking happening. I’m sick of this rotten putrid system. And then I think….it’s quite amazing, that thousands of folks who buy tickets, many of them not supporters of my mate, but curious to go and see what it is he is actually saying and put up with the secrecy and the intrigue and the inconvenience of not knowing where they will be travelling to, even though they bought a ticket. The centre can’t hold is what I am getting out of this. When will the liars and libel merchants learn 2 immutable truths? Firstly, that they are only the movie of the week. people have been trying to destroy him for 30 years. They try, they fail, they fuck off back to whatever they did before they took him on. And secondly, in their brief time in the spotlight, their lies and libel serve only to point more people in his direction! Are they fucking stupid or what? The World Wide Wake Up Tour is in Canada. It endures. David Icke rocks on.

Source: Facebook

IT’S NOT OVER: Chilling new threat from ISIS to Spain as sick terror group promises to launch more attacks | Olive Press News Spain

IT’S NOT OVER: Chilling new threat from ISIS to Spain as sick terror group promises to launch more attacksBy Staff Reporter – PUBLISHED – 23 Aug, 2017 @ 17:26 LAST UPDATED: 23 Aug, 2017 @ 17:58 0SHAREVILE: ISIS soldiers PRO-ISIS website has warned of further attacks in Spain from terror cells still embedded in the country.The Wafa Media Foundation published a statement addressed ‘from the Islamic Republic of Spain to the Government of Spain’, saying: “The war has not been fought and gone”.It comes after the sick terror group – based in Iraq and Syria – claimed responsibility for the attacks in Barcelona which killed 15 and injured more than 120.In the chilling new message just days after Spain’s first terrorist attack since 2004, the extremists said Catalonia would be conquered ‘like Gibraltar and Andalucia’, which was once under the control of the Moors.It said the attacks would be revenge for military operations in Bahrain, Iraq, and Somalia.While they have claimed responsibility, there is no evidence that any of the group were in direct contact with its recruiters or had ever traveled to its camps for training.The attackers are believed to have been radicalized by imam Abdelbaki Es Satty, who in fact had links to al-Qaeda – an enemy of ISIS.All 12 members of the terror cell which operated out of the small town of Ripoll, north of Barcelona, have now been accounted for, Spanish police say.Eight of them are dead.

Source: IT’S NOT OVER: Chilling new threat from ISIS to Spain as sick terror group promises to launch more attacks | Olive Press News Spainbe

Israel: If Europe doesn’t stop their boycott campaign against Israel, we will destroy this continent | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

Israel: If Europe doesn’t stop their boycott campaign against Israel, we will destroy this continent August 23, 2017, Michael Aydinian NewsThanks to new friend Andrew Gordonbennett Pink for this video which was released on the Facebook social network by Hallelu, a little-known PR outfit dedicated to improving the international image of the state of Israel. Needless to say, in typical Israeli fashion, as well as being loaded with porkies this 6-minute clip bleats all the way through as if Israel is the innocent victim. It is quite gut-wrenching. Ironically, Zionists have been doing their level best to destroy Europe for over 100 years. The damage they’ve already done is incalculable. This may not be official. However, it nevertheless shows how many Israelis think. Andrew told me he received a load of flak & threats when he posted this. So incredibly, we’re even attacked for daring to publicise what they say. I mean it just beggars belief. They have the gall to believe they possess an inherent right because this is all God’s wish but along with this delusion is the fact they actually believe their own lies! Moreover, nothing is ever done to stop lunatic Israelis from spouting this kind of nonsense. They place a new meaning to the word vindictive. They truly are an evil lot! We should be on our guard.  Here are two links –,we-will-destroy-this-continent  Detestable as this is, paradoxically I feel it’s good news, for what better way for Zionists to reveal their true colours? You can be sure videos like this surface because of the mounting pressure brought on by the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement. Unlike the lies told to bring about 2 UN resolutions against Iraq & the consequent destruction of the nation, no less than 66 UN resolutions tabled against Israel failed to bring it to account. Zionists, however, have been unable to bribe & coerce their way out of this one! 40 years ago I was told the best way to hurt someone was in their pocket. How true this is & Zionists know it all too well. Much as they’d like to, for now, they can’t kill us all. Yesterday in my piece I explained how they’re actually working on this. And sure enough, they’ve destroyed countless careers merely because decent, honest folk grew weary of their incessant lies & thus felt compelled to speak the truth. I know it may not appear to be the case but for them to lash out like this, they have to be hurting big time. One must bear in mind the last thing the Zionist controlled media will do is afford any positive publicity to the BDS movement for the mere mention of its ever-increasing momentum would only serve to exacerbate their dilemma. To be perfectly frank, it sure feels great for the boot to be on the other foot.   So, while mainstream media for once has its hands tied, all we ever hear is the odd snippet of news that our politicians are contemplating to introduce new laws that would outlaw the BDS movement, in other words, defy us our right to spend money where we choose, as well as similar acts of betrayal by criminalising wholly justifiable criticism of Israel & the right to protest. The trouble is Western politicians are stuck between a rock & a hard place. On the one hand they have to endure the constant barrage of ludicrous demands from the all-powerful Zionist lobbies, aware of their ability to destroy anyone who fails to reciprocate; on the other hand they know full well not only is there no justification for ushering in such laws but there exists zero support & so the backlash inevitably will be severe & could result in career-crushing blow.  EU Poll Names Israel As The Biggest Threat To World Peace. Imagine if they never had the media

Source: Israel: If Europe doesn’t stop their boycott campaign against Israel, we will destroy this continent | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian