Brexit campaigners British In Europe slam UK government after deportation row | Olive Press News Spain

CAMPAIGNERS hoping to maintain existing citizens’ rights post-Brexit have blasted the Home Office after deportation orders were wrongly sent to up to 100 EU citizens in Britain.British in Europe and the 3 Million wrote to European Commission negotiators to voice concern at ‘UK maladministration’ as talks resume with the UK government in Brussels.‘CAN’T BE TRUSTED’: Home Office attacked over deportation lettersThey also called on European Commission negotiators to ‘focus closely on this issue’ during talks with Brexit Secretary David Davis.“If serious errors like this can be made whilst the UK is still administering a system based on EU freedom of movement rights, what is likely to happen when it is running its own system, having ‘taken control again’?” the letter reads.The 3 Million, which represents the rights of EU nationals in the UK, also announced it opposes the UK government’s offer of a new ‘settled status’ for EU citizens. The group is concerned the new category could affect EU citizens’ right to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.“Recently, the UK drastically reduced the appeal rights of those affected by adverse immigration decisions, save in the case of EU citizens whose appeal rights were protected by European law,” said the letter.“Settled status would mean the application of complex UK immigration law procedures to all 3 million, the loss of their existing rights and no guarantees that serious errors, similar to the letters sent last week, won’t happen again.”

Source: Brexit campaigners British In Europe slam UK government after deportation row | Olive Press News Spain

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