Haaretz Publisher: Israel ‘Definitely’ an Evil Country

Amos Schocken / Twitter


The publisher of Israel’s leading liberal newspaper responded to the question of whether his country is “evil” by declaring, “the answer is definitely (and sadly) a resounding yes.”

Amos Schocken, the longtime publisher of Haaretz, Israel’s leading liberal daily and a popular news source for international journalists, diplomats, and anti-Israel activists, made the statement on Twitter. Schocken said he makes the judgment based on “Israel’s treatment of the refuge seekers,” a reference to waves of illegal immigration from Africa that were stopped by the construction of a fence along Israel’s border with Egypt.

The question of whether Israel is an evil country was raised by Schocken’s paper, in an article headlined, “Is Israel An Evil Country?” Schocken’s statement on Twitter was made in response to several Israeli reporters who criticized the article.


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