serial sex beast on the rampage in the costa del sol.

Young British expat attacked by serial sex beast on Costa del Sol who was waiting in back seat of her car with screwdriver

He told her she wouldn’t be the first he had killed

LAST UPDATED: 9 Jul, 2017

Fuengirola is a popular holiday spot for Brits

A MANHUNT for a serial sex attacker is underway after a British woman was attacked on the Costa del Sol.

The unnamed woman, in her 20s, was forced to perform sex acts on a white van driver after he thrust a screwdriver to her throat.

Sources close to the case say the man was waiting for the victim in the back seat of her car.

He then threatened her with the screwdriver when she went to turn her engine on, telling her she wouldn’t be the first he had killed.

The attacker fled the scene in his van after the terrifying assault.

The attack happened just behind the popular port

The woman had been heading home at around 4 am after finishing work in Fuengirola when the attack took place on Calle Maestra Angeles Azpiazu.

Spanish police have linked the attack with two others in the past month that has identical sickening details.

A few weeks ago, a Spanish woman in the same area was followed into a lift by a man who then forced her to drop her trousers.

He also used a screwdriver to threaten her.

Luckily, he fled after hearing a noise before he could sexually assault her.

Last Sunday, another Spanish woman was attacked at 7 am while walking home from a night out.

A man rubbed himself against her and tried to get the young woman to fondle him.

When her friends began shouting at him, he is said to have calmly walked away and driven off in a white van.

In all three cases, which all occurred in Fuengirola, a man fled the scene in the same vehicle.

The attacker is described as being around 5ft 7ins, dark-skinned and short-haired with an athletic build and a possible tattoo on one of his arms.

tomie jones .comment -so there are those that tell you” the Costa del Sol is the safest place to beSun sea sex .booze, drugs gangsters, crooks petty or otherwise, con merchants.Here yet are three more cases that contradict this salesman of the fantasy he sells to gullible rich clients. “Costa del rape.”




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