It’s safe to say that the Tory party are in utter chaos right now.

Theresa May is leading a shambolic government propped up by extremist religious fundamentalists; she’s dropped every single commitment she proposed in the Tories’ abominable election manifesto; and now, to top it off, senior Conservative cabinet ministers are now openly advocating stealing policies from the opposition.

Secretary of state, Damien Green, has recently hinted that he is astoundingly now favour of a national debate around cutting tuition fees – a proposal that would never have been suggested by a savagely neoliberal Conservative party had it not been for Jeremy Corbyn absolutely obliterating the Overton window during the General Election campaign.

And now, with no hint of irony, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has thrown a monstrously large onion in Theresa May’s foul-tasting ointment by suggesting the PM should engage in yet another u-turn by accepting Corbyn is rightabout scrapping the 1% public sector pay cap.


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