The Truth about America and the zionist bankers. – YouTube


It’s taken a few days for my fury to die down somewhat over Theresa May using £1.5 billion of our money to bribe the DUP so that the Tories could form a coalition government. No doubt the DUP will be sleeping partners. They’ve been paid off. I’m sure they’ve been told they have to support the Tories come what may. I’d like to bet payment will be in instalments just to make sure DUP MP’s stay in line. I’m sure too there won’t be a Tory MP in sight placing morality over obedience. I can’t see one defying the Zionist banksters who run the Tory party & as I’ve said before, will do anything to ensure Jeremy Corbyn never becomes Prime Minister. I’ll be amazed if Tory MP’s haven’t been read the riot act behind closed doors.

In a way, I’m glad May is hanging on for it’s bound to piss more people off. What has made me so crazy is how the entire mainstream media never said a word about this illegal use of public money. They’ve bought power. It’s an absolute disgrace yet no one says a word. This person is par for the course when it comes to these Zionist banksters. They own the media. This is why they protect the warmongers, the pedophiles in Westminster while labeling anyone who is anti-war or pro-Palestinian like Julian Assange & George Michael a sexual deviant. Sadly, as I’ve said many times, for most it is the media who decide when people should get angry & what they should get angry about.

Most importantly, the media never criticizes or even informs the public what these banksters are up to. This is why so few realize how they totally call the shots. In this video clip (39.16) analyst Zaid Hamid really does an excellent job explaining how over 250 years the Rothschild banksters have literally fooled & robbed us all. It’s about time people started understanding this.…/


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