I saw the riots in the 70s Hyson green up close and in london Kensington.That was when the nottm.police were using metal dustbin lids for shields. The Nottm Police were one of the first to have riot gear.BUT THEY HAD LENT IT TO MANCHESTER POLICE, HENCE THE NEED TO USE DUSTBIN LIDS. IFwe get to that stage again it will be totally different The police are not going to be armed just with dustbin lids and a wooden truncheon and the rioters will be tooled up accordingly.WE ARE TALKING CIVIL UNREST,NO, CIVIL WAR.If ever there was a time for a peacemaker to sort this unholy mess the Tories have created it is now. step forward Jeremy the time is nigh.

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sourceHarry Paterson

Allow me to pre-empt some wearyingly predictable liberal condemnation heading your way.

When the riots start be careful not to get trampled underfoot as liberals and reactionaries alike bolt for the moral high-ground. Watch out for the pious; the sanctimonious; the mealy-mouthed; the people who always see unruly protest as something worse than the injustice, the oppression, the social culling that precipitated it.

Remind them that the freedom to voice their bourgeois indignation, along with the freedom to vote, to control their own fertility, to protest, to join a trade union, to have Saturday and Sunday off work, to even get paid for work and a great deal more, were only won by centuries of often violent struggle. They give us nothing except that which we take.

Riots are the final resort of the marginalised and disenfranchised. There can be no condemnation by anyone aspiring to humanity.


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