WE, the new members, are the CENTRE GROUND and it is the centre ground that Jeremy Corbyn represents – in essence: justice and truth and a society that works for the many not the few.

Alastair Campbell Peter Mendleson and the remnants of the coup mob they orchestrated to depose Jeremy are still at it. They are self-indulgent and ignorant of the true nature of what is happening.

Contrite pathetic acknowledgement of Jeremy`s appeal and success made just to get people`s attention so they can they go on to stick the boot in again with `but this but that` `he doesn`t appeal to the centre ground` – haha. FFS we had Kensington and Chelsea vote for him, a constituency that has ALWAYS voted tory up until now.

So now we know the relentless pathetic game they are looking to play – claiming that THEY are the centre ground.

WE must claim that title, for it IS us, Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnelll who represent the centre ground and the likes of the coup mob who are the RIGHT of the party.

They did not “oppose” Jeremy Corbyn – they attacked him, smeared him and slandered him. And so did most of the media. And everyone else in Westminster. The whole political establishment united against the man, including his own party.…/149313905…/permalink/178822852149


Momentum conf:

Group T & A`s Respect Admin – if you do not agree with the way the group is run then you have the choice to leave. It is an expectation that anyone choosing to be a member includes in that choice a respect for admin:

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