the 51st state of trump,s empire

Just had a moment. I actually can’t believe it you know.

Let’s face it… our country was a bloody mess, unlike anything I’ve seen in just short of 40 years. Tory rule’s practically destroyed it in the space of seven. We almost lost Scotland. We’ve risked the peace and prosperity of Europe, INCLUDING Britain. We’ve enabled hatred and bigotry round every corner. We’ve allied with egotistical and oppressive dictators, we’ve armed terrorists in Saudi Arabia, started wars and dropped bombs – we’ve even seen a spike in terrorism and hate crimes on these shores. We’ve watched EU citizens, the poor, elderly and disabled get trampled on like they’re nothing. We’ve watched our public services slide away to bare-bones, and in our homes, we’ve fallen out with our own friends and families.

There were not honestly many ways the situation could have been made worse. But unbelievably… some how… some way… THESE TORIES MANAGED IT.

Friction with Scotland was bad enough… but we’ve been joined with them for a while. However, complicating tensions and problems in Northern Ireland: a disputed region of the UK that people have fought, bombed, killed and died for even in my relatively short lifetime, is just about THE MOST DUMB, STUPID, AND IRRESPONSIBLE COURSE OF ACTION I CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF.

But it gets better.

The one thing I’ve always consoled myself about Britain, is that unlike the USA, religion has no place in British politics. We are a secular nation, through and through. We were one of the first in Europe to realise it, and it is the very bedrock of our conventions. The idea that we’re now going BACKWARDS… that in 2017, the Tories are prepared to open a door to religious bigotry and fundamentalism in the UK, simply to cling to power?? It’s horrific.

Every time you think they can’t make it any worse, the Tories do. They come up with something unthinkable. And the end result is our transformation into being the 51st state of Trump’s empire is nearly complete.


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