May ‘clings on’ with ‘coalition of crackpots’

Daily MirrorThe face of Theresa May stares out from virtually every front page on Saturday. Making a play on one of Mrs May’s sound bites during the election campaign, the Daily Mirror has the headline “Coalition of Crackpots” – referring to the prime minister’s proposed deal with the DUP in Northern Ireland. The newspaper describes the party as “hard right” and against same-sex marriage and abortion. It says that “furious” Tory MPs don’t think Mrs May will last through the “disaster” of the election results.

WELL, WHAT CAN I SAY, Theresa May has formed a suicide pact. with the loonie right wing Northern Ireland unionists just so she can carry on with Brexit . BUT MARK MY WORDS THERE IS A PLOT A FOOT THE TORIES WANT HER OUT AND THE MAN BEHIND ALL THIS NONE OTHER THAN  BORIS THE BUFFOON JOHNSON. HE STILL WANTS THE JOB OF PM.


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