Who Is Andrea Constand, Bill Cosby’s Accuser?

Jeff Truesdell,People 14 hours ago


FOOTNOTE however big or small a celebrity it does not give them the right to sexually abuse their victims. The cases in Europe go on and on many of these dirty old men do not get prosecuted because the victims do not file a complaint. Take the case of 67-year-old DJ seducing a sixteen-year-old innocent girl with promises of fame and fortune in a singing careerConsensuall sex took place several times. The age gap was 50 years. Though it was alleged to have been committed when the girl was 15,(THIS WAS DENIED BY THE MALE PARTY allegedly all sexual acts took place when she was 16) the country they were in had a threshold level of 13 so if it took place it was still technically legal.  Morally she was seduced by this svengali figure who was allegedly grooming her for greater things.NO CHARGES WERE FILED AND THE GIRL WAS WHISKED AWAY BY HER PARENTS. DEFLOWERED OF HER INNOCENCE HER LIFE IN TATTERS SHE WORKS AS A BAR MAID IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND her singing career ruined.  The dj still working, not in showbiz anymore but a job as a salesman perfect for him still promising the world and sweet talking his customers into buying goods that they do not really want. The names have been withheld to protect the innocent and the guilty ALSO COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.


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