Qatar supports intellectuals, they always have. Many of these intellectuals have a lot to say about how their home countries are run. Just looking at the list; 3 of these countries have a long and violent history of using military force/ brutality to squash any dissent. 3 of these countries are also struggling with an increasingly disillusioned and unhappy population. I also find it hard to swallow that Qatar would support every single Islamic terrorist group, all at the same time. We usually tend to pick a side and not play the field. Qatar’s international media operations are relatively honest in their reporting (as far as media can be unbiased) which I guess would suck if you were committing human rights abuses, bombing civilians and building a monster arsenal of weapons in a region prone to instability. Qatar is also making nice with Iran which must seriously burn certain individuals arsesEspecially  Israel now with oil prices below break-even levels and the potential for Iran to grab market share with a higher grade oil and friends in major oil consuming countries.
The oil prices have now gone up, conspiracy theory could be the Mossad dirty tricks brigade at work the policy is to spread mayhem and destruction then walk in and take over.The terror attacks in the UK could very well be part of the overall plan, distract, divide and conquer the ultimate aim to enlarge Israel  but pure Israel, not Aaron this time but ZIONIST RADICAL JEWS, THE NEW AND IMPROVED MASTER RACE.THEY ARE SUPPOSED “TO BE GODS CHOSEN RACE AND ALL OTHER RACES WILL BE THERE TO DO THEIR BIDDING”.THIS STATEMENT HAS BEEN MADE MANY TIMES BY THE ZIONIST JEWS I AM JUST REPEATING THE STATEMENTS THAT THEY HAVE MADE not being anti-sermitic just stating a fact.

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