🔥Always vote for what’s best for many, not what’s best for few. We need a little ‘left’ in this crazy ‘right’ world we’ve created. I grew up in an environment and a society where if you had more, you had a duty to help those that didn’t because you had a moral compass and an understanding that, although those at the top want you to believe otherwise, some people don’t have and will never have the same opportunities as others. Whether it be due to circumstance, race or many of the other unfair barriers society likes to place in front of too many. This world is not equal and if you are sitting nice and comfortable it is probably more comforting to tell yourself it’s not your problem. Well, it is. It’s more your problem if you’ve been lucky enough to reap the rewards of this unfair society. Stop blaming people for their misfortunes. You know what, there are some who take advantage, who are lazy and will take my ‘hard earned money’ but that never stops me being so proud of myself every year when I get a breakdown of where my tax was spent. I help the NHS, I help people who may struggle to help themselves or their families, I help newcomers to our country to find their feet so they can go on to succeed themselves and that is way more important than focusing on the small number who take advantage. That’s why we are on this earth. Not to gain and greedily hoard it all away. We are here together and to want the best for each other, no matter our differences – actually because of our differences. Please stop being selfish for a second and use your democratic right to vote to help your society and not just yourself. Your society is the whole world btw not just the tiny part of the globe you live in. #VoteLabour


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