many if not all may discard my opinions as being loonie left, pie in the sky, extreme .YOU ARE CORRECT I saw the light many years ago but did not have the balls to stand up for it, fight for it .I am ashamed, I could have saved hundreds of jobs, well maybe not but I could at least .have attempted to do so but I did not .I CUT AND RAN. Now I have stopped running maybe it is too little too late .This election is the turning point, put the Tories in again and the country will be sold off lock stock and barrel.The rich want and encourage the election of the Tories.They will be the winners and to the winners go the spoils.The few the super rich, .you will be paying for their lifestyle.You the hard working average person though will become no better than the serfs that are owned by the rich .Jeremy Corbyn given the chance I truly believe can put the UK back on course. recreate the caring sharing UK. we had national railways in the 50s it was a service second to none, the NHS the benchmark that other countries set their targets too, alright we do not have to tax the rich out of existence but they can afford to pay a fair amount to the UK .peace not war , no arm sales to fascist, racist countries, hell let us be a peace loving kind and caring country.Please vote for Jeremy Corbyn it really is our last chance to be great in all things good.


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