Yesterday half an hour before Theresa May addressed the nation this happened. Something which will confirm the suspicions that many have held for a very long time.

We have discovered this recording of Faisal from Sky News conducting a conversation where they agree that the dreadful attack in Manchester plays in to Tory hands. It drives the Tory Manifesto of Chaos from the front pages and will allow the right wing propagandists for May to continue their pre-designed narrative and “portrayal” of Jeremy Corbyn as a terrorist sympathiser. Note the cynicism in that statement. They don’t believe him to be one but they “portray” him as one, because it suits the propaganda machine driving the attempts to make Labour’s chances of victory slim.

We, here at Unity March, find this disgraceful, gutter journalism of the lowest order.

It shows that post-Levison the MSM are unable to provide a framework for neutral journalism that provides facts as news and not the continued opinion based “news”.

The time has come for the MSM to be held to account for their continued bias. The time has come for the billionaire media oligarchs to be held to account. The time has come for the media to be unbiased, for journalists to report the news again, not to try and MAKE it.

The narrative of this election should be set by the facts and the policies not by some preconceived plans of a coterie of unelected journalists, editors and oligarchs.

For those hard of hearing we have included a transcript:

He would say.. Lets do this all together in Manchester, all the people together

Errrrm…. this is going to knock everything out for the weekend
after Bank Holiday… changes everything really doesn’t it.


I mean there are circumstances in which.. there are circumstance.. there are circumstances in which I mean, if something else happened again the day of the election, which its not, you know it’s not an absurd thought

No, of course not, no no

I mean it the biggest attack we’ve had since 2005, and I mean also especially if it.. it turns out that this was somehow timed with the election campaign in mind

Well its also was four years yesterday since Lee Rigby ….done this on his own..


Er, you know to build, er you know to build an improvised device, and explode it..

Well the intel would be pretty good on him though won’t they, so obviously they have got him and ah

Yeah well

Thing is he might have gone to Syria.. you know, we need to get that expertise on it erm. but yeah I know but also she’s got a NATO G7 this week so..

Tomorrow, tomorrow?

Er. Thursday, Friday Saturday she’ll go to that

Yeah, we will speak to him, the whole point is, if he breaks ranks, cos she, she’s got the excuse not to break ranks essentially, as you say till the start of next week.
And, as much as it sounds disgusting and awful (lowers voice) I mean this plays in her favour.


This plays in her favour. A) you’ve got the whole kind of social care stuff which is now dead, in the water, and who’s been portrayed as a terrorist sympathiser for the last..


Particularly, obviously with the Manchester connotations as well given the fact that the last major attack in Manchester was by the IRA


Anyway – (draws breath through teeth) so.. and obviously
(they talk over the top of each other here for a few seconds)

I think probably, they don’t need to play that though do they

No – no no no no, you missed something, its that narrative has already just.. you know, all she needs to do is just be prime ministerial. Just be prime ministerial. Just be prime ministerial. Anyway, so.

So she’ll..

I think she’ll just play low key for. I mean she’s got these big international, she’s got these big international things.

I dunno I menas its Wednesday to day isn’t it
Tuesday, it’s Tuesday today,

It’s only Tuesday today, so
I can’t see this happening tomorrow though
(Cause its only been 24 hours) (sic)

I dunno, I personally thing it’s going to be at least the weekend before anything really kicks off again.. just election stuff..

Do a live shot

Here comes, here comes the podium
Stay on it stay on it stay on it


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