Has he finally given in on his persecution of me and my rights to have freedom of speech?7 years he has harassed ,threatened and verbally abused myself and my site. His last posting was on the 26 march since then nothing.He has over the years gone to lengths you would not believe, invention of imaginary colleagues  ,who were making copious notes of all i posted,fictitious Spanish lawyers that accused me of libel as regards himself and jimmy savile , yes jimmy savile the late and infamously great jimmy savile. the e mail i still have a copy somewhere which was written in pigeon English would you believe but quoted remarks i had made, first names only and presumed i was referring to them .He persisted with his harassment and I BECAME SO FED UP OF THE SITUATION that i closed my facebook page down and went elsewhere. To no avail he followed and proceeded to claim that he had had my page closed down, and proceeded with the harassment from his newly set up blog on the same site as mine.  I moved on yet again but his persistence was remarkable .I CAME ACROSS AN ARTICLE WRITTEN ABOUT MOSSAD AND THEIR NEWLY FORMED INTERNET PAID TROLLS SPECIFICALLY SET UP TO HARASS ANYONE WHO PASSED COMMENT ON ZIONIST ISRAEL.I believe that he joined this group and has proceeded to operate under their influence, I have no proof and it is only an unsubstantiated opinion of mine based on the way he now operates. Though I hope he has finally given up and is going to leave me in peace ,only time will tell and I am becoming tired of all this, both physically and mentally. Life is too short least mine is to be going on and on and on forever .  I SHALL NOT STOP TILL i SEE PEACE HARMONY AND THE END OF APARTHEID IN ISRAEL, THE END OF THE CURSE AND SCOURGE OF THE ZIONISTS.


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