Don’t read this if you’re easily offended. It’s about Brexit. – Emma Clarke

Here’s an audio version of this post: (Apologies for the atrocious language in this blog but sometimes no other word will do. If you’re a child reading this, back away now. If you’re offended by strong opinions and – as previously mentioned – foul language, read no further. It will do you no good to [read more…]

Source: Don’t read this if you’re easily offended. It’s about Brexit. – Emma Clarke Emma you Are my hero, not my stupid military nephew who voted to leave, what does he care he is about to retire on a nice little earner index linked pension .So his attitude is fuck you all i am all right whatever happens.Then there is my sister who voted out because her darling son said she should, she is in her 70s ill and will be dead and gone before brexit is enacted ,over my dead body folks.She will not talk about it but she knows she has doomed her grandchildren who by the way voted to stay in Europe. TO LIVING,working ,if they can get a job as great Britain becomes little England. You stupid fucking idiots who voted on a pack of lies.All the grants, cash support, all thrown out the window because you supported the likes of Nigel fucking farage,and Boris wanking Johnson, oh my god you are now a member of an elite group of racists. The send home the black people ,religious MUSLIMS ETC. people,no matter they are born bred and live in the UK,  they are not white.You all, including my sister and her son I hate what you have done. They say THAT THERE ARE NO EFFECTS YET BUT THEY ARE WRONG. my pension is little enough but is 28% less than the day the referendum took place80 to 100 euros less PER MONTH. Thank you for that dear sister and nephew .I REALLY CANNOT FORGIVE AND FORGET BECAUSE IF OR WHEN WE GET TO THE STAGE OF BEEN OUT ,I AM GOING TO OPT OUT OF MY LIFE SO I CAN LEAVE WHAT LITTLE I WILL HAVE LEFT TO SUPPORT MY WIFE WHO WILL BE ON THE POVERTY LINE THANKS TO YOU .LET US JUST WAIT AND SEE ,IT IS NOT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGSAND SHE BETTER SING LOUD AND STRONG LONG LIVE THE EUROFILES PLEASE .


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