PressTV-Israel wants Lebanon ‘sent back to Middle Ages’

Education Minister Naftali Bennett says all aspects of life in Lebanon must be targeted in a future war with Hezbollah, because the resistance movement is now an important part of the Lebanese people.

Source: PressTV-Israel wants Lebanon ‘sent back to Middle Ages’ we just luve the zionist israelis. extreme is an understatement of what they are and what they want to  achieve  which is world domination. yes you are right Israel is a puissant little country there are only 8 million Jews not all Zionists and yet they are trying to achieve world domination and altermately enslave all the gentiles .Zionist Jewish god says they are the chosen people and he (yes Jewish god is a he) SAYS THAT ALL THE NON JEWISH PEOPLE ARE TO BE ENSLAVED TO DO THEIR BIDDING.  IT IS IN THE TALMUD THESE ZIONIST JEWS ARE A REAL THREAT TO HUMAN KIND BUT THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT I BY QUOTING THEM AM THE ANTISERMITIC GENTILE . DO YOUR WORSE MOJO AND THE REST OF YOU, YOU ARE QUITE RIGHT JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING.


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