New Lebanese army chief warns against ‘Israeli schemes’ – Middle East Monitor

Source: New Lebanese army chief warns against ‘Israeli schemes’ – Middle East Monitor well fuck me , do the fucking Zionist Jews ever stop interfering they are like a plague a virus . pushing ,poking ,prodding stiring the shit. IT really is going to reach a stage where we either get covert world domination  by the Zionists or somebody drops a bomb on Israel and wipes them out,because their aim is to get the Iranians into a war with the u s a to further destabilize the middle east while Israel carries on with their unholy objective of creating greater Israel; oh boy the similarities between Zionist Israel and Nazi Germany under Hitler are so damming .They are able to do this because of the vast amounts of financial aid they get, take that away from them and Israel will return to the desert . The most surprising facture in this matter is that Trump could be the one to withdraw the aid,his ties are far stronger and sinister with Putin than Netanyahu. and his cabinet is full of white supremacist Zionist Jew haters. Consider this, Trump and Putin together, a formidable force Putin being the controlling dominant party ,HE IS THE BLACKMAILER AND TRUMP IS BEING BLACKMAILED . WE CAN BUT SIT AND WAIT TO SEE HOW IT ALL PANS OUT.I SHALL CARRY ON FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH TILL I GET TAKEN DOWN FORTUNATELY I AM JUST A FLEA ON THE CAMELS BACK ,JUST A MINOR VERY MINOR NUISANCE.MAYBE IT IS TIME TO BREED AND SUCK A WHOLE LOT MORE BLOOD .


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