More than 100 headstones damaged at Jewish cemetery

Over 100 headstones in a Jewish cemetery were knocked over or damaged last weekend. Police have not confirmed whether they are investigating the incident as a hate crime, but it is believed that the vandalism was committed by an organization larger than just one person. The headstones were discovered on the same day that 7 Jewish community centers […]

Source: More than 100 headstones damaged at Jewish cemetery

TJ-I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FROM THE BEGINNING .I shall repeat myself . donald trump cannot be trusted to support Israel ,the Zionist Jews, and the whole Jewish race .The level of attacks on Jews has increased 3 fold since trump became president , his cabinet is composed of right wing ,white supremacist Jew haters.Yet a lone Zionist Jew on his blog and facebook carry,s on supporting TRUMP!When are the Jews going to learn they tolerated Hitler till he opened up his death camps .now you are trusting this man with your lives you really are like lambs going to the slaughter house, you think you would have learnt from the 2nd ww the holocaust but no you really are fools unto yourselves and everyone else .the consequences are dire and you bury your heads in the sand and shout I cannot hear or see any problems wam bam thank you mam it is too late .


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