‘Don’t let them win’: Security expert urges Brits to holiday in Spain despite ‘ISIS threat’ – Olive Press News Spain

Security expert Will Geddes appeared on ITV’s This Morning and TalkRadio to talk about the report

Source: ‘Don’t let them win’: Security expert urges Brits to holiday in Spain despite ‘ISIS threat’ – Olive Press News Spain

TOMIE JONES SAYS-yes do not let them win just be prepared to get blown up , shot ,or held hostage and get beheaded. Am I  being an alarmist?Hmmm we have a terrorist alert level 4 in spain .Isis, do not forget these guys were created by Israel mossad, they do the dirty work for these guys.whenever Israel needs a distraction ,false flag they use Isis, Israel buys black market oil from Isis , Israel treat and take their injured to Israeli military hospitals,they have military high ranking officers training isis. Oh by the way these are facts not fiction,proven facts, just check it out .It is not a radical extremist saying this . It is the United Nations, Malaysian president ,even the head man himself PUTIN .THEY ALL HAVE FACTS TO BACK UP THEIR STATEMENTS.

So I ask this question why do the Israelis want to create  terrorist attacks on Europe?answer ,to divide , to distract ,to create a world war against the MUSLIMS.

FINALLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO Spain this summer stay away from the costa del sol .there are many more costa resorts that are not high profile and are safer than the costa del sol. This terrorist expert says do not let Isis win, go to the costa del sol but he is not going to be there on holiday .Just remember this, not one single Israeli has been killed by Isis. Isis has not set foot on Israeli soil. Isis has and continues to kill Muslims. and Europeans , what does that tell you .MOSSAD IS ISRAEL’S SECRET SERVICE BRIGADE ,INSIDE OF THIS ORGANISATION THERE IS A SUBGROUP THAT EXISTS AND IS ONLY ANSWERABLE TO BIBI NETANYAHU. THEY ARE CALLED KIDON-BUT IF YOU ASK; THEY DO NOT EXIST ,BUT THEY DO, TRAINED KILLERS AND TEACHERS AND CONTROLLERS OF TERRORISTS. MOSSAD AS KIDON IS ONLY ANSWERABLE TO THE PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL.

The Kidon is described by Yaakov Katz as “an elite group of expert assassins who operate under the Caesarea branch of the espionage organization. Not much is known about this mysterious unit, details of which are some of the most closely guarded secrets in the Israeli intelligence community.” The unit only recruits from “former soldiers from the elite IDF special force units.”KIDON, RUN ,SUPPORT,AND CONTROL Isis.

Enjoy your holiday on the costa del sol ,it may be your last, thanks to bibi nathenyahu and his agenda to rule greater Israel and fulfil the prophecy of Jews ruling the whole world.THEY(ZIONIST ISRAELI JEWS)ARE THE EXTREMISTS,RADICAL ,RACISTS WHITE SUPREMACISTS,IN FACT ALL NON JEWS ACCORDING TO THEIR TEACHINGS WILL BE SLAVES OF THE ZIONIST JEWISH RACE .  I am not making this up ,the facts are all out there on the network. Though the mainstream press (run and controlled by Zionists) ignore all of this,it is all about control and what they want you to believe ,wake up folks before it is too late, power to the people.


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