Benjamin Netanyahu ridiculed over appearance at Paris solidarity march

Benjamin Netanyahu ridiculed over appearance at Paris solidarity march

Israeli leader criticised for urging French Jews to emigrate to Israel following  deadly attack on kosher store.Possible mass exodus from the Costa del sol by the Jewish community to Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu, centre, at the solidarity march in Paris

Benjamin Netanyahu, centre, at the solidarity march in Paris Photo: Yves Herman/Reuters

Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a storm of criticism because of his “embarrassing” behaviour at Sunday’s mass solidarity march in Paris and his calls for French Jews to emigrate to Israel following last week’s deadly attack on a Jewish supermarket.

The Israeli prime minister was seen elbowing his way to the front of the parade of world leaders and also unsuccessfully tried to jump to the head of queue waiting for a bus that was to take guests to the starting point.

After he failed to get on the first bus, a nervous-looking Mr Netanyahu – accompanied by what appeared to be an Israeli security team – wasshown on French video footage waiting for the next one.

During the march, Mr Netanyahu waved to the crowd in response to a pro-Israel shout from a woman spectator, a gesture some Israeli commentators deemed to be at odds with the sombre mood.

The alleged gaffes were further compounded by reports that the Israeli leader attended the event in defiance of a request to stay away from Francois Hollande, the French president, who reportedly did not want it overshadowed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mr Netanyahu initially agreed but changed his mind after learning that two political rivals – Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, and Naftali Bennett, the industry minister and leader of the Jewish Home party – were going.

His insistence on attending prompted the French authorities to invite Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority leader, as a counterweight, reported the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The most serious criticism has been levelled at his call for members of France’s Jewish community – the largest in Europe – to move to Israel for safety reasons following last Friday’s attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris, in which four Jews were killed.

Even before his plane departed for Paris, Mr Netanyahu issued a statement saying that he planned to tell French Jews who wanted to emigrate to Israel that they would be “welcomed with open arms”.

That is said to have offended Mr Hollande, who attended a rally at Paris’ grand synagogue on Sunday night with Mr Netanyahu but pointedly left before the Israeli leader addressed the audience.

Mr Netanyahu’s appeal for emigration, echoed by some other Israeli politicians, was criticised by European Jewish leaders and – implicitly – by Reuven Rivlin, the Israeli president, who said aliyah (emigration) should be born out of choice and Zionist feelings rather than fear of anti-Semitism.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director of the European Jewish Association, said that instead of calling for Jews to emigrate after anti-Semitic attacks, Israel should “employ every diplomatic and informational means at its disposal to strengthen the safety of Jewish life in Europe”, an Israeli website reported.

Ben Caspit, an experienced Israeli commentator, mocked Mr Netanyahu’s attempt to portray Israel as a safe haven. “Are the Jews of Paris more threatened than us?,” he asked in Maariv newspaper. “All of Israel’s territory is targeted by thousands of accurate and heavy rockets and missiles that could be fired on our heads in the next flare-up with Hizbullah. Just this past summer, Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv!) was a city that was bombed for 50 days. So the French should flee here?”


Following on from this,in my opinion there is a hidden agenda taking place here.

Israel.are to have direct flights from Malaga to Tel Aviv it will be operated by Sund’or, a partner of El Al, and will start running in May….

Israel  continues to grow at a phenomenal rate with migrating Jews . To cater for this need,from May, the airline company Sund’a subsidiary of Israel’s national airline El Al, will start  a service from Malaga to Tel Aviv.

NOTE THEY EMPHASIZE from Malaga SPAIN to Tel Aviv Israel.Why would you go from a beauiful sunny seaside resort to Israel? unless you are a Zionist Jew who is under stress from persecution, and Semitic attacks .Then according to bibi netanyahu you would have safe haven in Israel.Now with this supposed possible attacks on the costa del sol Zionist Jews all Jews could be targeted.Many are preparing to leave Spain, the costa del sol to go travelling! They are renting their property to raise income and fleeing the costa del sol to go to Israel perhaps.It will not just be for a couple of weeks , long term one would presume because the simple fact of renting their property would require 6 months minimum contract to make the whole matter worthwhile.

A strange factor occurred with one instance. A self confessed Zionist Jew and Netanyahu supporter went on facebook saying that himself and his whole family would be going travelling this year and so he wants to put his house up for rental. He and his family work  on the costa del sol I believe, they are going to have to quit their jobs or take extended leave of absence as this is not going to be a fortnights hols and back we presume. That is all fine, the strange thing is this posting was removed deleted the following day with no reference to it.One wonders why and COULD IT BE THAT THE EXPRESSION FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED.We may see a mass exodus accure from the Jewish community to the safe haven of their principle homeland Israel. Bibi wants more immigration to Israel but only Jews, even better Zionist Jews .He knows that this threat from Isis could increase the Jewish population throughout Europe to seriously consider going to Israel.If an attack takes place then the number of Jews migrating to Israel will dramaticly increase. Remember THOSE THAT LIE DOWN WITH THE DEVIL MAY VERY WELL LOOSE THEIR LIFE AND SOUL TO HIM.BIBI YOU ARE PLAYING A VERY SERIOUS GAME THAT MAY WELL TURN ROUND AND BITE YOUR HEAD OFF (METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING).




































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