Why Is Trump Adviser Wearing Medal of Nazi Collaborators?

Why Is Trump Adviser Wearing Medal of Nazi Collaborators?

The man that the Trump administration chose to defend their omission of the Jewish people in their Holocaust Remembrance Day statement has been photographed wearing medals claiming heritage to a Hungarian group that took orders from the Nazis and assisted in the extermination of thousands of Jews.

Photographs have surfaced – in a report by The Nation Institute fellow Eli Clifton – of Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka wearing a medal which was given to the members of the Vitézi Rend, a Hungarian group which took orders from and collaborated with the Nazi government.

Gorka was photographed wearing the medal at Trump’s Inauguration Ball, and Clifton has since found others.

Trump adviser attended inaugural ball & appeared on Fox News wearing symbol of State Dept listed Nazi collaborators. http://bit.ly/2lFvxY8 

Photo published for Why Is Trump Adviser Wearing Medal of Nazi Collaborators?

by Eli Clifton The White House’s omission of Jewish victims of the Holocaust in its statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day raised objections from Jewish groups across the political spectrum but th…


The Vitézi Rend was active between 1920 and 1944, established by Hungarian Governor Miklós Horthy as a lesser form of knighthood for valorous soldiers. Horthy famously wrote to Prime Minister Pál Teleki in 1940 that “I have been an anti-Semite throughout my life. I have never had contact with Jews. I have considered it intolerable that here in Hungary everything, every factory, bank, large fortune, business, theatre, press, commerce, etc. should be in Jewish hands, and that the Jew should be the image reflected of Hungary, especially abroad.”

Hungarian forces deported the first 18,000-20,000 Jews to be massacred during the Holocuast, ultimately deporting around 100,00 Jews before Horthy was ousted during German occupation. The land taken from the seized Jews was distributed to middle-class loyalists, many of them members of the Vitézi Rend.

“Many supporters of the Horthy regime were enamored by the Nazis and Hitler and the ‘knights’ were especially so,” said Eva Balogh, founder of news analysis blog Hungarian Spectrumand former professor of Eastern European History at Yale University. “Put it that way, after 1948 one wouldn’t have bragged about his father being a ‘vitéz.’ Lately, however, especially since 2010, it has become fashionable again to boast about such ‘illustrious’ ancestors.”

Gorka’s dissertation lists his name as Sebestyén L. v. Gorka, the “v.” being an apparent abbreviation of ‘vitéz’. It is widely believed that his grandfather was knighted by Horthy as a vitéz, but this has not been confirmed by Gorka himself.

When asked by conservative talk show host Michael Medved if it was “questionable” that the White House did not mention the Jewish people in their Holocaust statement, Gorka said “No, I’m not going to admit it, because it’s asinine. It’s absurd…It’s only reasonable to twist it if your objective is to attack the president.”

Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. The White House’s statement commemorated the “victims, survivors, heroes” of the slaughter.

I really feel sorry for the  american jew ,any jew  trump,s crew is out to get you guys it really is a tragic turn of events .


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