power to the people we want trump and his cabinet out .

Andrew Gordonbennett Pink

12 hrs ·

I MADE A RESOLUTION THIS NEW YEAR THAT I WAS GOING TO NOT COMMENT ON FACEBOOK ANY MORE WITH MY WHAT SOME WOULD SAY ARE REACTIONARY REMARKS , BOTH PERSONNEL AND PUBLIC.WHICH in the past I have done to the embarrassment of my family and friends . But the situation abroad specifically in the u s a makes me to break my resolution.TRUMP IS A DANGER TO THE WHOLE WORLD NOT JUST THE u s a ,those that take the attitude of it is not our business and trump is the president of the u s a and that is an end to it, are at least foolish in their conception of the situation. Hitler got in to power and trump is taking the self same route that he did, in one week look what initiatives trump has taken, imagine in one year where we will be .In my opinion the far-reaching consequences will see a coup taking place and draconian law and military rule being Enforced on the citizens of the u s a. AS HITLER DID TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE.WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JEWS IN GERMANY SO EASIERLY COULD HAPPEN AT FIRST TO THE MUSLIMS then all other minorities that react against the trump regime including the Jews.Right wing Christian groups that support TRUMP will be the religious control. I HOPE I AM WRONG BUT FEAR THAT IN A YEAR,S TIME I SHALL BE PROVED RIGHT .I WILL CONTINUE TO STAND MY GROUND ON THIS MATTER AND DO WHATEVER I CAN TO PROTEST AND SUPPORT TRUE DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH THOUGHT AND DEED.POWER TO THE PEOPLE .

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