A scathing,if not scorching assessment of the legacy of Barack Obama.COULD TRUMP BE WORSE OHH YES.

A scathing,if not scorching assessment of the legacy of Barack Obama.

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Susan Nevens

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Some thoughts…….
In less than a week another shameful chapter of American history will be behind us. The political history of a nation is formed based on the ripples created by its leadership, these ripples travel a great distance in the landscape/pond of politics and it is years and sometimes decades later that they become tidal waves and reverberate off the shore of time. Hence it would not be an exaggeration to say that history will not be kind to Barack H. Obama.

Much has been written in the past few weeks about the legacy that President Obama will leave behind, much of which is in a plain view of the immediate history for any unbiased and rationale individual to see and judge. For me to write about Obama’s legacy is personal because in 2008 I voted for the man and like millions I hung my hat on the ‘hope & change’ message. Heaven knows that after 8 years of George W. Bush, our nation and the world for that matter were starved for a ‘change’, ‘hope’ goes hand in hand with ‘change’ akin to carriage and horse. However it was toward the end of 2009 that I’d realized that perhaps I have put the carriage (hope) before the horse (change) and this COACH was going nowhere. Then the next 7 years of Obama administration became a journey of reflection and re-evaluation for me.

I have never subscribed to party politics, long ago (30+ years ago) when I became US citizen and eligible to vote, I knew who I WASN’T before I knew who I was. I knew I WAS NOT a Republican so I’d registered as a Democrat but on numerous occasions (on State & Local level) I’d voted for other party candidates if I’d felt that the candidate was merited than a Democratic candidate. Alas the events of the last 7 years made me reevaluate my political identification and today to ‘who I am not’, I can add that I AM NO LONGER a Democrat.
Thus from this day forward and particularly since I believe in political participation, I would vote exclusively baseed on merit of an individual and I will not feel a mandate to ink anyone’s name if he/she is not a right person for the job.

I have a feeling that there are many people like me who no longer identify with any parties, many who were life time Republicans are disappointed in their party, many who were lifetime Democrats are disappointed in theirs, the Green Party supporters in all good conscience could not be happy about the their candidate Jill Stein, and the Libertarians – if they are sensible individuals – must have realized that tying their wagon to idiot like Gary Johnson election after election is neither smart nor viable, and so on and so forth.

In light of that, in my opinion one of the very prominent and important legacy of Barack Obama is that he paved the road for acute awareness of the flawed system of party politics. I like to believe that many have realized that the US political system is in a race to the bottom, a system of monopoly, with all the attendant problems of monopolies, one step away from authoritarianism.
I like to believe that when honesty demands, my fellow Americans would no longer speak of long departed notion of ‘Democracy’, and acknowledge and own to the fact that America is the foremost plutocracy in the ‘restricted’ world, the word ‘restricted’ is deliberately chosen over ‘free’.

Having said that, I can’t overlook the fact that even this so called ‘legacy’ cannot be attributed solely to Barack Obama. Had it not be for the turncoat, sellout, fake Social Democrat like Bernie Sanders and the Green Party embarrassment like Jill Stein, had it not been for the advent of racist, bigot, xenophobic and sexist package named Donald Trump, perhaps many Americans would have not realize the depth of political kleptocracy and corruption that reigns their nation’s politics.

So I would say that Presidency of Barack Obama, who has been nothing but a mendacious tool from the get go, has changed the landscape of US politics and that could be considered Obama’s legacy, not the kind of ‘legacy’ he likes to be remembered by but the kind he gets 😉

So Mr. President you will not only be remembered as the first Black President because of your skin pigmentation, rather you will be remembered for the history you leave behind which is a few shades darker than your skin.

Mr. President, on January 20th, you will become the first War Time president, you have served full two terms in wars you have initiated and reared, not the wars you’ve inherited. You would be the first American President during whose tenure more blood was shed, more destabilization, more displacement; more destruction took place than any other US president in the history of this nation.

The Middle East has become a graveyard of your promise for ‘hope’, not only you did not end 15 years of US occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, your administration contributed to rise of fundamentalism when your irresponsible foreign policy helped to create and support the various fundamentalist groups such as ISIS.

You did not lift a finger for the plight of Palestinians Mr. President; Israel could not find a better friend and more generous complacent administration to partner with in its genocide of Palestinians and furthering its Zionist agenda. You will go down in the history as the only US president whom appropriated the largest aid packet EVER to the apartheid Israel so it can further perpetuate it’s illegal settlements and occupation of Palestine and its continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Despite being awarded a Peace Prize, the word PEACE was not in your political dictionary, you were a War Lord of drones and terror, bombing indiscriminately the innocent civilians in 7 nations that never represented a threat to the United States.

The audacity of hope became the mendacity of despair when your administration carried overt coups in Paraguay, Honduras and Ukraine, a covert coup in Brazil and furnished material and financial support perpetuating a military coup in Egypt.

Your administration turned Libya from Africa’s most prosperous nation into a failed state ran by Daesh thugs and a corridor for arms cartel to Syria.

Your financial and logistic support of FSA (Free Syrian Army), Daesh, Al Nusra and hundreds of other Takfiri, Wahhabi organ eating fundamentalist groups, which your administration called ‘moderate rebels’, turned Syria to dust and has created the greatest human tragedy of the 21st Century.

According to the New American Foundation estimates, since 2009, the early months of your presidency, your administration has attacked Yemen nearly 100 times through the use of military drones killing thousands of civilians, and as if that was not enough in way of death and destruction of a country that was no threat to the US, your administration authorized 46 billion of arms sales (including illegal and banned barrel bombs) to the US ally Saudi Arabia to conduct its genocide in Yemen, turning that nation to another 21st century tragedy on equal footing with Syria.

You crimes and assault on human rights, life and dignity and your sheer disregard for International law was not limited to International arena, you were an abject failure in your domestic policies.

Your administration is responsible for mass deportation of 3.2 million immigrants and separating millions of families, you hold a record in that department Mr. President.

Complaisant with the fossil fuel mafia, your administration remained passive in Standing Rock allowing the use of water cannons, rubber bullets, attack dogs and mustard gas against the water protectors ignoring the enforcement of signed treaties between the US government and the Native Americans, you gave the ‘Trail of Tears’ a new meaning.

Your failed Health Care initiative, Affordable Health Care, turned out to be ‘not so affordable’ which was no surprise to many of us as it was a corporate scam from the get go where you’d sided with the Healthcare special interests and Pharmaceutical Industry mafias who bankrolled both your 2008 and 2012 campaign.

Mr. President your administration prosecuted more federal whistle-blowers under the Espionage Act than all previous United States presidents combined, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, the Obama’s America is a de facto police state where truth tellers and whistle-blowers defect to Russia, how is that for your legacy?

You’ve bailed out Wall Street, putting the same Wall Street lackeys appointed by George Bush in charge. Bailing out Wall Street in expense of Main Street meant throwing millions of homeowners out of their homes and into the streets.

You were a gift to Military Industrial Complex Mr. President, a gift that continuously kept giving for 8 years. You brokered and authorized the sale of more arms to foreign authoritarian governments than any other U.S. president since World War II – exceeding war criminal George W. Bush by nearly $30 billion. You have increased the US Defense/Military Budget every year of your presidency with exception of one year.

You’d appointed Michael Taylor from Monsanto as the senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA within your first month in power.

You Mr. President orchestrated federal gun-trafficking operation “Fast and Furious” which allowed the sale of more than 2,000 guns to drug cartels across the Mexican border.

Under your tenure “Blue’ became the new ‘White’, law enforcement killing Black/Brown indiscriminately and in almost every case getting away with it, meanwhile you referred to black protesters from Ferguson to Baltimore as “thugs”.

The American gulag Guantanamo Bay remained open proving that the promise to close it in 2008 (one of the reasons I voted for you) was yet another lie for sake of political expediency. You called the force-feeding the “detainees” through any of their possible body orifices during their hunger strike ‘a humanitarian’ response! I on the other hand consider that on the same footing as ‘waterboarding,’ the type of torture prescribed by that vermin Dick Cheney.

The list can go on, the shame are plenty; this nation will pay for you political incompetency for decades to come, the truth is you Mr. President wanted to be the first Black President at any cost and you achieved that, you became the first Black President on the White throne. If you thought you made history by being the first Black President who resides in the White House which was built on the back of your slave ancestors, you are wrong. In retrospect Mr. President, you have become an iconic example that slavery has never been abolished and lives on, as you after all were an slave of the White Man for the past 8 years where as way of servitude you’ve done White man’s biddings in an exemplary way.


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