Well the time has come to concentrate on greater dangers ,injustices. What is Israel ?Just a piss hole in the snow , a stolen country in the middle of the middle east.I am saying no more about the problem and the Zionist jewish  morons that support the regime that exists there . Take away the financial support and you take away the existence of the zionist jews in israel(palestine).That brings me to my point of direction of my blog in future.

The U S A AND DONALD TRUMP, LOOSE CANNON ,IT IS QUITE OBVIOUS THAT TRUMP IS A PUPPET OF PUTIN ,PUTIN shouts jump and trump says how high!This is a real and serious threat to mankind ,and requires our undivided attention .Israel can sink in its own corrupt shitpool. You should be afraid ,worried ,Israel because trump has control of your financial future ,and it is not just the 38 billion usa military aid .There is 40 odd billion that could disappear in credit not only coming from the u s a .Let us just say .”ISRAEL YOU WILL HAVE TO STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET,” BECAUSE TRUMP IS BEING CONTROLLED BY PUTIN WHO HAS NO LOVE FOR ISRAEL,S ZIONIST JEWS. LOOK AT TRUMP,S CABINET,they are a complete mix of racist , white supremacists, jew haters , nazis.Even if you send in mossad to do a job on trump you need to take out the  vice president and his whole cabinet or you will get worse than TRUMP in control.If pakistan could wipe out Israel in 12 minutes. How long for russia  and the u s a 2 ,3 minutes.S O  THE BIGGEST THREAT TO MANKIND IS TRUMP AND THAT IS WHY I HAVE DECIDED TO CONCENTRATE ON TRUMP. Israel is a minor irritation in the armageddon war games and frankly can be wiped out by the push of a button from trump.ISRAEL THE NUCLEAR BOMB THREAT ,THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND YOU WILL JUST BE COLLATERAL DAMAGE .ISRAEL YOU ARE NOT A SUPER POWER, JUST A PIS S HOLE IN THE SNOW AND ALL YOUR FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS WILL DISAPPEAR.YOUR FRIENDS IN NEED ,WHO ARE THEY ?WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP FOR YOU WHEN PUTIN GETS HIS PUPPET IN CONTROL . SO BASICALLY IT IS GOOD BYE ,EARTHS SURVIVIAL IS AT STAKE AND IS IN THE HANDS OF TRUMP WHO IN TURN IS IN THE PALM OF PUTIN,S HAND .


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