george michael said cliff richard is a pervert .

I posted ‘George Michael RIP: Now you know why the media told you what they did’, at around 9 pm on Monday the 26th. I can honestly say I never have imagined this post was going to cause total & utter mayhem. The next 15 hours was the craziest I’ve ever had on social media. The great news: noon the next day on FB there was an astonishing 1000+ Likes & 1500+ Shares on my GMMuk Page while my wall had 400+ Likes & 500+ Shares! Just keeping up with all the comments was a devil’s own job.

Suddenly at noon FB pulled the plug. I was told I’d sent out spam! What a load of bollocks! I got the same bullshit excuse when my website was black-listed. Trolls subscribed to my website for the sole purpose of reporting me, saying I was sending out spam. I went ballistic with Go Daddy. How the hell could they black-list me? The people complaining were the very people who subscribed. They knew they would receive email notifications each time I posted. I’d been set up! Go Daddy knew I was 100% in the right. Later I found out Abe Foxman’s ADL were up to no good. Now what a surprise that was!

So, now it was FB’s turn to hit me with this spam crap. I had to log back in. When I did, the George Michael post had disappeared from my GMM page – the biggest post I ever had! Thanks FB. But my problems were about to get infinitely worse. 10 hours earlier at 2 am I began having trouble logging onto my website. I merely put it down to the sudden influx of traffic. Little did I know a professional hacker was wreaking havoc. It took two experts 36 hours to sort it out just so I could post again.

What this tells me more than anything is THIS POST HIT A RAW NERVE. Only 3 people out of the many 1000’s who interacted came out with the anti-Semitic crap. A few felt George Michael was a sinner. Most people expressed their sadness at his passing away. What blew me away though was so many people admitted exactly what I had admitted in the post – that I had absolutely no idea GM had campaigned for Palestinian rights & was so opposed to the Iraq war. When I first read this it was automatic – I quickly realised the media would have lied about him just as they lied about the Iraq war. I then made the point that the media PROTECTS THE REAL PERVERTS!

I’d like to take the opportunity to show what a wonderful human being George Michael was. Again, I had no idea he was such a generous man. I know why mainstream media never mentioned this but even by their diabolical standards, this is unforgivable. They said he participated in certain sexual acts & as a result, they tore him apart. They could have at least softened the blow by saying how generous he was. When Tony Blair did much the same thing, they hushed it up & he’s as tight as a camel’s arse in a sandstorm! It just goes to show how low the media are prepared to sink.

From random hand-outs to saving John Lennon’s piano, here are George Michael’s 12 most generous acts. Thanks to Chris Dunne for this – there are a load of George’s videos on this link below as well as all the charities he’s given to.

Also included in the post is George Michael’s final interview. Thanks to Gale Obler for this. In it he says he caught pneumonia in Austria. Now whether he was deliberately given this I don’t know. I can’t say either way. What I do know, because I’ve had pneumonia, is it’s life threatening normally for the young & aged.

Finally, another thing I never knew was George Michael told the truth about Cliff Richard, a real pervert. Of course it was Cliff Richard who grassed up his good friend Jill Dando after she told him she was going to blow the lid on all the Pedophiles & the fact the BBC was a haven for these child molesters. Once again I reiterate – only the good are killed. For the the link, his final video & the caption featuring what he said about Cliff Richard, click caption for my website..

I posted ‘George Michael RIP: Now you know why the media told you what they did’, at around 9 pm on Monday the 26th – – I can honestly say I’d never have imagined this…
i ask a simple question mr G is the late george michael a liar or is cliff richard a pervert.yes or no answer is enough .you will not answer the question though will you .

2 thoughts on “george michael said cliff richard is a pervert .

  1. When Boris Johnson said on a TV show a stupid comment the media made a fuss, but then he said on the same TV show that there wasn’t a vote on the second war against Iraq, when more Conservatve MPs voted yes to it than others the media didn’t say about that, so he’s either a liar, or stupid, and now he’s the one making up lies about Russia


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