Israel rejects ‘shameful’ UN resolution amid criticism of Netanyahu | World news | The Guardian

Israel orders steps against a number of countries that backed motion calling for halt to building of settlements in occupied territories

Source: Israel rejects ‘shameful’ UN resolution amid criticism of Netanyahu | World news | The Guardian well what has the great sage Zionist Jew buoy got to say about this not that his opinion has any weight in the matter. and the fact that Israel is stopping its aid to Africa .what a pity Obama will not be around to wave the stick at Israel as a posed to offering the carrot 38 billion carrots to be precise.Though the trump regime is so pro Israel .America after trump is going to want a democrat a honest true democrat like Bernie but sadly not Bernie . Who will do a 360 degrees turn around on policy towards israel. Bringing to an end the reign of ZIONIST JEWS IN ISRAEL, FREEDOM FOR THE PALESTINIANS AND PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST .Well as was said by martin luther king “I HAVE A DREAM”THE END OF ISRAEL AS WE KNOW IT ,WITH FREEDOM AND PEACE, A BLOODLESS COUP LIKE IN SOUTH AFRICA. SO THE MIDDLE EAST WILL BECOME A HARMONIOUS PLACE TO LIVE FOR ALL.IF I WAS A RELIGIOUS PERSON NOT AN ATHEIST(ATHEIST OBSESSIVE POSTER OF  PORNOGRAPHY, VEILED COMMENTS ON OUR LORDS BLOG ABOUT ME HA HA WITH REFERENCE TO KATE MIDDLETON NUDE PHOTOS WHICH HAD NOT BEEN PHOTO SHOPPED AS MR GOD CLAIMED, WHAT A PRUDE, ,TWATT,HE IS .I AM SO TEMPTED TO POST THE ARTICLE THAT WAS POSTED IN THE IRISH HERALD ABOUT HIM  BUT DO NOT WORRY I WILL NOT, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG LEGALLY, 16 -66 APPROX 50 YEARS DIFFERENCE, MORALLY WRONG WELL THAT IS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR WIFE AND FAMILY  SO YOU SHOULD TAKE THE PIG STY, OUT OF YOUR EYE FIRST BEFORE YOU JUDGE OTHERS .) I WOULD PRAY FOR A BLOODLESS COUP . PEACEFUL HOLIDAYS ONE AND ALL AND AN END TO HATRED .


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