I smell a big Zionist rat.The Israeli government

I smell a big Zionist rat….The Israeli government is requesting that social media be censored. The largest social media source is facebook. Recently a spacex rocket blew up on take-off. It was to launch an Israel satellite purportedly to expand facebook in isolated areas of Africa. Now if they want to expand social media’s coverage , then why are they advocating censorship?? It doesn’t make sense unless of course they , as usual, lied about the purpose of the satellite. censorship is the way to stop criticism and eventually will lead to criminalize our inherent right to free speech. steps are being taken by the u.s. and u.k. to equate anti-Israel / Zionist with anti Semitism. social media posts criticizing the rogue state would lead to criminal charges. This is all part of the Jewish controlled media strategy…….ps if that rocket hadn’t blown up, we would never have learned about that suspicious satellite!

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